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November 26, 2014


It’s been almost 5 months since Ethan and I got engaged and people say  to me “let me see that ring girl!!”

Of course I happily oblige when people ask to see Charlotte, but it’s the name and what she represents that’s usually a conversation starter and of course people usually ask 1 question:

1. “WHY did you name her Charlotte?”

Well it’s quite simple. He proposed to me in Charlotte, NC, so it’s where she and I first met. Also, although we grew up together, he was living in Charlotte when I stopped running from my feelings for him and admitted just how much I loved him. So, simply put: it just seemed right.

But what some people don’t know is what Charlotte really means to me.

There are three layers of my ring, with the center diamond resting on top. Each layer means something different. The bottom layer, which is the largest layer, represents God. He is the foundation of our relationship and I know that our marriage doesn’t stand a chance without him. The middle layer represents our family and friends. The ones who aren’t afraid to tell us when we’re wrong, truly supports our marriage and loves us unconditionally. We know they’ll be there for us throughout the years to share their wisdom and help us a long the way. And the top layer…the big rock? Well that represents Ethan and me. The way I see it, we are two becoming one and as long as we keep God as our foundation and a good support system surrounding us, we will be solid and our love will shine as bright as a diamond.

This ring means so much to me. Which is the reason why I honestly can’t stop photographing it! This is more than just a diamond. It represents the first day we met in 1995. Our first kiss. The first time we said I love you. It represents the fights we’ve had and our priceless friendship. This ring represents God’s plan for us to be together…no matter how much we tried to run from it. My goodness do I love her.

Ethan, I know I tell you all the time, but you did REALLY good!

Here are some of my favorite shots of Ms. Charlotte!



This is the first shot I ever took of her! Can you believe it’s sitting on Ethan’s knee?!




sachel-samone-photography-ringshot-charlotteEthan, this ring could not be more perfect. 5 months and I’m still in awe when I look down at my left hand. Thank you baby..THANK YOU. 🙂




  1. Tijuana Odom says:

    Sachel, I love the explanation and the meaning behind Charlotte. The story is quite interesting and a wonderful conversation starter. You are very talented and your pictures are amazing. Keep up the great work!