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November 26, 2014


Even though I’m back on the east coast just in time for Thanksgiving, I’m pretty bummed about leaving Alaska! To say I had fun celebrating our birthdays and just being there is SUCH an understatement.

Quite honestly, and understandably so, traveling 11-14 hours across country makes me a little tired, but let me tell you something: traveling with two wedding dresses is just DOWNRIGHT EXHAUSTING.


After finding my dress and being gifted a second one at the AMAZING Brides Across America event, I couldn’t wait to get them home so my sisters and close friends could see them!! I’m not saying E would have tried to take a peek at them if I left them there, however comma, I am saying I wasn’t going to give him that opportunity. 🙂

In a sense, I imagine this is would be like if we were planning a destination wedding, so I wanted to treat it as such. As a bride, once we’ve found THE dress, having it out of our sight, even for one day, is just not an option (sorry FedEx, nothing personal). So here’s how I got the precious back to Virginia safe and sound:


I didn’t feel the need to call my airlines ahead of time, but I did go visit their website to see their recommendations on traveling with a wedding dress. Regardless of what airline you choose, it’s always good to call ahead or check out the website to see what they recommend. If it’s one thing I know from traveling so much, it’s that airline companies are ALWAYS changing their carry-on policies. Getting the latest information will keep you from being surprised at check-in.


Most bridal gowns are placed in basic garment bags when leaving the salon (unless you upgrade to something more durable). The team at Anderson’s was very gracious and gave me an extra garment bag and the waterproof-protected bags. If you know that you’re traveling with your dress prior to you buying, let the boutique know so they can advise you on how to best pack and care for the dress.  They might even offer to pack it especially for your trip. Remember, it costs nothing to ask.


These dresses are valuable. Period point blank. I couldn’t even think to put them in my checked luggage! Lord knows if Delta would have lost these dresses, it would have taken ALL of the blood from the precious Lamb of God to protect that franchise from my wrath. So to keep me from losing my Christianity, I put all non-essentials into my checked bag, packed a small carry-on roller bag and carried the dresses with me. Although the dresses stayed in separate garment bags, I combined them into one waterproof bag. With it being two dresses, it did make it a little bit more poofy, but TSA worked with me to ensure that they fit on the conveyor belt. One of the agents did mention to me that if it wouldn’t have been able to fit, they would have manually searched the dresses. If you do run into that, make sure before they open your bag and touch your dress that they put on a FRESH pair of gloves. Prior to you, you have no idea where those gloves have been and the last thing you want is germs and unknown/unsanitary particles transferring from their gloves to your dress.


It also helps to fold the garment bag in half when traveling throughout the airport. It may not seem like a big deal to some, but for a fun-sized bride like myself, I refused to just let the precious drag across the dirty floor. I didn’t care if it was protected. Folding it in half and attaching it to my roller bag made getting from terminal to terminal a lot easier.


I was really fortunate to meet a few very nice flight attendants and pilots on this trip (Hey Ms. Linda!!!). When I arrived at my gate, I was allowed to pre-board (WINNING!!) so that I could figure out how the best way to store my dresses. I had to catch three flights to get home. For the first two flights, I was able to hang them in the first-class coat closet. On the last flight, because the plane was small, this was not an option. There was no closet and the overhead space was ridiculously tiny. With the help of the pilot and flight attendant, we found a way to make it work.


That’s right…the precious had her own seat!! And because safety always comes first, she had to be put in a seatbelt!! Working with your flight attendants always makes traveling easier. It’s amazing how far above and beyond the Delta went for me and I’m SO appreciative.

and finally…


Just make sure everything is in order and it still makes your heart skip a beat.

Because even though you know it was with you the entire time and you know it’s safe…you love it so much that you can stare at it all night…LITERALLY. 🙂

While in Alaska, of course I brought the camera out and Ethan and I took a few images because…well, it’s just what I do (occupational hazard). Here is one of my favorites. Gosh I absolutely LOVE this man!!!