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May 23, 2018


Ask any mommy and they will tell you: mommy-in’ ain’t easy.
In fact, sometimes it can’t be downright exhausting.
But as hard as it can be sometimes, every mother will tell you it’s the most rewarding job we’ll ever have. Just ask Katrina.
Katrina | Florida Mommy and Me Portraits
“My babies look to me for their vital and basic necessities both of which I am honored to provide,” she says. “But beyond that, I get to watch these amazing kids grow and learn and discover themselves.”
Mother to four-year-old Martin and 1-month-old Nina (who is seriously a baby doll!!), it was clear to me from the moment I met her, that this former military spouse and Crawfordsville, Arkansas native, has a heart overflowing with unconditional love, no matter what life throws her way.
Katrina | Florida Mommy and Me Portraits
When Martin was diagnosed with Norrie disease, a condition that caused him to be born blind and experience cognitive delays and behavior issues similar to autism, she rolled up her sleeves and got to work.
“She has taught me sign language, learned and bough braille books for me so I can be exposed to reading just like other kids my age,” her sweet boy wrote me. “She’s been there for every eye surgery, ear surgery and even stopped working to attend my preschool to make sure I was getting the care I needed. All the while, she remained a faithful loving wife to my dad, who had a stressful military job.”
Now that her husband has retired from the Air Force after 20 years of service, Katrina is enjoying spending time with her husband and children.
Katrina | Florida Mommy and Me Portraits
“Being a wife and mother has made me more patient, less crude, and more forgiving,” she says. “Because of them, I definitely laugh easier.”
Which is why one piece of advice she wants to give new moms is to just relax and as a new mom, it’s something that I constantly need to be reminded of. After all, life is going to come whether you’re ready or not. Why make it harder by stressing about every little thing?
I’ve always had a heart for serving mothers, but since becoming a mother myself last year, I have to say my love and respect has grown to a level I didn’t know existed. I now know what it means to have your heart exist outside your body and to love someone so much, you will go to the ends of the earth just to see them smile.

Katrina | Florida Mommy and Me Portraits

That’s what made connecting with Katrina so easy. During our time together of gushing over our babies and talking all things motherhood, marriage and military, we instantly bonded. Her spirit is so real and she really is something special.
“She is truly the strongest and most loving mother I know,” young Martin says.
Moms like Katrina are the glue that holds their home together. She encourages her loved ones and pushes them towards greatness. She exudes grace, unconditional love, contagious joy, kindness, peace, and strength unparalleled.
Katrina | Florida Mommy and Me Portraits
I’m so proud to be a part of this special group of women. Women who exude unconditional love, contagious joy, kindness, peace, and strength unparalleled.
Katrina was born to be a mother. It’s in her soul. It’s evident in every word she speaks and every smile flashes. She is an incredible woman….everything I imagined her to be and so much more.
Thank you, Katrina, for sharing your story with me. I’m forever honored to know you.
Katrina | Florida Mommy and Me Portraits
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