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June 11, 2018


When Jonathan first told me he was planning to propose to you, I was speechless. There were no words to express the pure joy and excitement I felt. I knew eventually the day was going to come, but to actually KNOW the date, was something truly special. You’ve pretty much been there for every monumental moment in my adult life, so to be here for this one…this moment that you would never forget was….girl it made my heart so full.
Tam_Jonathan | Conservatory Gardens, New York Engagement Session | Sachel Samone Photography-1
*It should also be noted that because you schemed with Ethan and was there for my proposal, giving me this beautiful image that now hangs in our living room, there was absolutely NO WAY I was missing my chance to get you back! 🙂
As Jonathan and I went back and forth with videos, text messages and emails about his plan to propose, one thing was very clear: THIS. MAN. LOVES. YOU. He didn’t care that it was going to be 56-degrees on the day he proposed, he didn’t care that it was 100% chance of rain. All he cared about was asking the woman of his dreams to be his wife. So much so, that he made sure that almost everyone who was special to you, regardless of where they were in the country, was there to celebrate this moment with you. Watching him pull all this together, seeing how much thought and love went into planning this moment was nothing short of both inspiring and remarkable.
Tam_Jonathan | Conservatory Gardens, New York Engagement Session | Sachel Samone Photography-2
While you and I were up on the phone chatting away during the royal wedding, I have to admit, I could barely contain myself. I was literally right down the street from you, tucked away in my hotel room and I knew in a matter of hours, your whole life was going to change. Maintaining my composure, even when you told me you had a feeling something might be coming, was sooooooo hard!! But I knew I had to. I could NOT afford for Jonathan to kill me.
Tam_Jonathan | Conservatory Gardens, New York Engagement Session | Sachel Samone Photography-12
As J’Aiden and I watched from the bushes of Central Park and crawled through the mud to get the perfect shot of the big moment, all I could think was:
“Can I pop up now, can I pop up now?!”
Seeing your face when he got down on one knee was magnificent. Watching you take it all in as you glared at your hand and hugged Jonathan tight was breathtaking. Seeing your face when J’Aiden and I popped out of the bushes?!
As your friend, I’ve prayed with and for you many times throughout the years. However, one of my specific prayers in the recent years was “God, please let the man who seeks and finds her be a man after your own heart. Let him love her, challenge her, and bring her a joy and peace unparalleled.”
I’m so happy to see that God answered my prayer and brought you two together. Watching you two just be is one of the most beautiful things to witness.
It was my complete honor to capture these two around New York City. The energy of the city really speaks to who they are as individuals and as a couple. Jonathan and Tammy are super bold, incredibly chic and filled with so much joy. It’s clear in the way they look at each other that the love and respect between them is real. They are incredible lovers and amazing friends.
Tam is a storyteller in her own right. Because she’s interviewed so many amazing people,  it was especially fun to put her in the hot seat and interview her. Hear a little bit from her below:

*What makes your relationship special?

Tam: If you’re lucky you really find a love that pushes you out of your comfort zone knowing that you can always find your way home so to speak. Jonathan is that for me. I am quite shy and private and he has done wonders in helping me open up. I’m still a work in progress but aren’t we all? Also, he is my favorite travel partner. We have been all over the past two years and in addition to the adventures that ensue— sprinting through Paris in the pouring summer afternoon rain, having no internet in Cuba, and much more— they have been pivotal growth experiences for our relationship.

*How did you know Jonathan was the one?

Tam: It really a series of moments rather than a moment if that makes sense. Love is a journey and increasingly as our journey went along, there were moments when my spirit whispered softly to me—watching him cook dinner in the kitchen, quiet moments watching tv, etc. It was really in the everyday moments that most would consider mundane that I realized I wanted to be Mrs. McClain. It has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?

*I love me some bling…So tell me all about that ring! What do you love most about it? If you had to describe it in 3 words, what would it be?

Tam: I really love that Jonathan chose something that was very me. It is modern, timeless and chic.

Jonathan, thank you for including me in your special day. Thank you for trusting me and allowing me to celebrate you two. You are an amazing guy and you are so deserving of our tiny Tam. Tam…YOU’RE GETTING MARRIED BOO!!! I’m SOOOOOOOOOO excited for you! It’s a privilege to show up for you and we’ll keep showing up forever and ever.
Congratulations again you two! I love you guys!!!?
xoxoxo, Sachel Blog Post Signature