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May 11, 2018


Let’s get real…Mother’s Day is just around the corner and you still have NO idea what you’re getting the most important woman in your life.
It’s not that brunch and edible arrangements aren’t great, but in the spirit of trying to step your game up, here are 7 gift ideas that just might make your new or seasoned mom’s heart swoon!
7. A Handwritten letter – if your mom is like me, she really appreciates the simple things in life. Taking the time to write her a handwritten note, especially in today’s society where we’re all constantly on the go, is one way to show her that you really appreciate and care for her. It doesn’t have to be super long, or anything fancy, but I can guarantee a letter from the ones she treasures the most will be more valuable than any other gift you could give her.

6. A Spa Day – Because every mama deserves to relax right? Moms give so much of themselves to the ones she loves the most, emptying her cup over and over again. Why not make sure she takes time to fill her cup back up? Whether it’s sending her to the salon to get her nails and hair done (or better yet, having the salon come to her), or gifting her a massage, giving her time to simply focus on her and her mental, physical and emotional well-being will always be appreciated.

5. An Amazon Gift Card – Really? An Amazon Gift Card? Could it really be that simple?? The short answer: Yes, Yes, Yasssssssssssssss! I know it may seem small, but f you ask any mom what she needs from Amazon and they will all tell you the same thing: EVERYTHING. Whether it’s for laundry detergent, wipes, toilet tissue or groceries, I’m completely unashamed to say that I have an Amazon box on my doorstep at least twice a week and I know I’m not the only one! Moving around with new babies…or heck, just kids, in general, can be a task within itself, so help a mama out!

4. A Fresh New Wardrobe – When we become moms, our bodies change. Our hips spread, our tummies may not be as flat as we’d like for them to be or the SnapBack overall may not be as quick as we want. We have given birth to an entire human being and our bodies aren’t the same. That means we may not be able to fit our old clothes or if we do, they just don’t feel the same. Whether it’s a new pair of jeans, outfit or an entirely new wardrobe, treating mom to this thoughtful gift will allow her to feel more comfortable in her own skin and allow her light to shine brighter than ever before. Besides…There’s nothing like a new outfit to put a pep in our step!


3. Let Her Sleep In – I have one word for you: Yasssssssssssssssssssss!!!! Since becoming a mom, sleep has become one of my most precious commodities! It doesn’t matter how old your children are, I can guarantee you, your mom hasn’t slept in YEARS! Whether it’s an extra hour or the entire morning, wake up early, cook her breakfast, take care of the kiddos and let mama catch a couple of extra z’s. Trust me, she will thank you for it!

2. Hire someone to clean the house – I can’t even begin to tell you how much this would make a new mom smile. Just the thought of it makes ME smile. And while it may be met with controversy, hear me out. The truth is…life keeps us busy and babies…babies keep us even busier. And when life gets busy, cleaning often takes a backseat. As new parents, free time isn’t something we have a lot of and living in a house in constant need of cleaning can not only stress mama out, but it can rob her of the little free time she may have. Why? BECAUSE SHE’LL BE CLEANING! Rather than her spending time cleaning, she can spend this time pursuing activities she loves. She’ll have more free time to spend outdoors or with you, her friends and family. Hire a professional to do the cleaning so she can pursue her passions, hobbies, and focus on the important people in her life. It’ll be a win-win for everybody!

1. Gift Her A Photoshoot – If you know me, you HAD to know this one was going to top the list. This is one of the MAIN reasons why Sachel Samone Photography exists!! How many of us have breathtaking portraits of our moms? Not just iPhone snapshots…beautiful portraits that capture her spirit, grace, and style? I can’t stress enough how important it is to get your mom in front of the camera. Our moms are always taking pictures of the ones she loves, but mothers deserve to exist in photographs. These portraits are just as much of a gift to her as it is to you and the rest of her family. These portraits are part of her legacy. Though it’s perfect any time of year, Mother’s Day is the perfect time to spoil her and treat her to her very own photoshoot.


So there you have it! Just a few ideas that your mother may love this weekend! Regardless of what you get the favorite mom in your life for Mother’s Day, remember that as long as it comes from the heart, it’ll be the best gift she’s ever received.

Motherhood is one crazy ride, but speaking from experience, it’s the best ride I’ve ever been on!

So to all my fellow moms out there…Cheers to us and Happy Mother’s Day!
xoxoxo, Sachel Blog Post Signature