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July 21, 2014


There have been violent winds and choppy winds with lots of ups and downs, but I can honestly say that where I am right now in my life, it is smooth sailing.


Because I am truly happy.

At 26 years old, it’s taken me a while, but I think I’m finally getting the hang of what it takes to be happy.

I guess you can say all this time, I may have had an idea what it meant to be happy, but I just didn’t know how to get there. I’ve lived a somewhat selfish life. As the oldest and with me being so determined, I lived a very “me-centered” life. After all, I have to take care of me first before I can take care of anyone else right?


When I focused solely on myself and everything I had going on, making everyone else’s needs secondary to my own, I found myself secluded…stressed and worn down. I mean let’s be honest: taking care of me by myself can sometimes be VERY overwhelming. And because I was stressed, I most certainly was NOT happy.

But over the past year, being a business owner has taught me the secret of happiness. It’s nothing fancy and it doesn’t require much. The secret to happiness is:

Giving to Others.



I think one of the misconceptions people have is that giving equals giving of money. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. While there are some in this world who are able to give millions, it’s not a requirement. All He asks is that we give what we have and give it cheerfully.

Sachel Samone Photography

Through my photography, I’ve found so much joy in giving to women and couples. Seriously, sometimes I wonder if I’m addicted to it. The smiles on their faces and the love I feel as a direct result of me giving my time, dedication and passion to each one of them is a high I never want to come down from. I don’t feel as  stressed. I don’t feel overwhelmed. I am truly in a overall happy space. I know that as I give to others, God gives to me, allowing me to always feel full and never experience the feeling of running on empty.


Sachel Samone Photography


I believe giving more of myself professionally has spilled over into my life personally. I find so much joy in going out of my way to see Ethan smile or giving to my sisters and mom for no reason at all or from talking to Tammy everyday. Giving my all to them is what keeps me going. Seeing them smile keeps me smiling. Giving the best of me to them pushes me to always give the best of me to everyone I encounter. One of my close girlfriends jokingly told me “I’m jealous of your immense contentment with your life overall,” to which I responded “Girl…it’s nothing but God.”

It’s seriously amazing how much cheerfulness is in my heart nowadays and I truly believe it’s because God is continuously giving me the desire to give to as many people as I can right now. When you take care of others, God will most certainly take care of you.

This week, I encourage us all to find someone we can give to. It doesn’t matter how big or how small your gift. All that matters is your heart. It can be money, encouragement or even more precious…your time. Whatever you have to give, give it and prepare to experience a type of happiness that will blow your mind. It’s time to get out of our selfish “me” mentality and begin to focus on bringing cheer to those around us.

So c’mon….get happy!!

After all…God loves a cheerful giver. 🙂




  1. George H says:

    Well said Samone!!!

  2. And this is why we clicked! I feel the same way, especially with my blog it’s my gift to the world and at the same time my passion. Giving does bring happiness and like you said it’s not all about money.