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July 23, 2014


I sat on the runway at LaGuardia Airport in New York City a ball of nerves as the crew announced yet another delay to my flight. I HAD to get to Charlotte and I had to be there by 1 p.m.sachelsamonephotography

Rewinding to last summer, Ethan reached out and told me he was ready to propose to Sachel and wanted help. My response was a no-brainer, “no problem, whatever you need.” Lots of emails and planning later, the day was finally here.

Do you know how hard it can be to keep a secret from someone you talk to everyday? For a year? As excited as I was for Sachel, I was also relieved that I would no longer have to be on my guard during conversations with her.

The travel gods (and Delta) showed me mercy and I landed shortly before 1 p.m. and hit the ground running.  My parents, who live in Charlotte, were roped into the plot serving as drivers so Sachel wouldn’t see her mom’s car at the venue and get suspicious. We had managed to keep the secret safe for so long, there was no way I was willing to risk fumbling the play in the 4th quarter with two minutes left.

Everything about the plan was air tight.

Shortly after 3:30, Sachel’s family and I arrived at Wing Haven Garden to find places to hide before the happy couple arrived. My parents stayed in the car to serve as lookouts to tip us off about their arrival. (Aren’t they awesome? Anyway, I digress.) We spread out and hid behind bushes around the area in front of the herb garden.


Remember, how I said the plan was airtight? Well, no matter how much you plan, NOTHING is ever perfect. Let me keep it 100 with y’all. It was HOT in those bushes and we were constantly shooing bugs away. I have a few bites to prove it. The struggle was real but we all knew it would be worth it.

After 4:20, Ethan sent a text message that simply said, “Here.” I grabbed my camera and sat on the ground, peering through the bushes when I heard Sachel’s voice admiring how pretty the garden was. But as she walked, I realized she was getting closer to where I was hiding, so I threw myself on the ground, propping myself up on my elbow. Sachel had Ethan pose for pictures and I thought, “Ethan, do it now. Please do it now before she walks any further and sees us all.”

And then it happened.

Ethan dropped down to one knee, I sprang up from the ground like a ninja, pushing my way to the front of the bushes to get the money shot. Ethan then started pointing around the garden and told us to come out. (We were finally free from the bushes, somebody shout GLORY! *takes a praise lap*) The look on Sachel’s face was PRICELESS. I knew in that moment that she was genuinely surprised. In that moment, all the stress of planning over the last year was worth it.


A photo shoot commenced, with lots of hugs, tears and laughs. And when your best friend gets engaged, you must celebrate properly. So, I gifted the newly engaged couple with something near and dear to Sachel’s heart and mine: Tiffany’s.


There are some moments you simply can’t miss and yesterday was one of the best days I’ve had this summer thus far. To watch someone you love start a new chapter in their life is a beautiful thing.

So a year later, Operation July 12th is officially complete. Now, the wedding planning begins.




Tamara B.

  1. Shaharriet Houchins says:

    Awesome! God held your hand Tam and walked you right through! Friendship is priceless! Your parents played a beautiful role! I can not wait to throw them a party here in Alaska! My husband and I are so happy for them!

  2. Terry Reid says:

    Tam, you and your parents are the bomb! We can never thank you all ENOUGH for the LOVE shown for our family! !! Operation “July 12” was a success because of you and Ethan!!! Now, let the Royal planning begin!!!