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April 20, 2015


It has been

incredibly quiet on the blog for the past week or so and it is because…I have officially moved to Alaska!!! It was probably the quickest move known to man (I literally cleared out an apartment and moved 5,000 miles in 6 days), but it definitely feels good to finally just BE HERE! I fell in love with Alaska the moment I first stepped foot in the state. Now don’t get me wrong… it was disrespectfully cold that day, but after just a few days, I was hooked and actually dreaded going back to the east coast.

As I cleared out my apartment…I’m not going to lie: it was a very bittersweet moment. It was an apartment that I’ve lived in and grown up in over the last 4 years. It’s where I hosted my first Thanksgiving dinner for my family, had more girl and wine chats than I can count…where my best friend Tam came to visit me and where I first started Sachel Samone Photography!! So much has happened in that cozy little apartment of mine and to know that chapter in my life was coming to an end really made me reflect on where I’ve been and open myself up to where God is taking me.

sachel-samone-photography-operation-bridal-gown-andersons-bride-brides-across-america-anchorage-alaska-photographerIt also was hard to realize that my family wasn’t going to be so close to me. One of the reasons I loved being in Virginia was because on any given day, I could drive to see my sisters and mama. It’s been so amazing having them so close and knowing that they’re going to be four time zones away…well it kinda stings a little. But even though we’re geographically separated my sisters, mom and me have the kind of bond that is indescribable. It’s an experience that only we could ever understand; a strong magnetic force that will always keep us connected. Am I going to miss them??? Uhhhh…is that a serious question?! Of course I am! But I know what moving meant to me and I the love we have for each other and the support they’ve given me lets me know that I’m going to be okay. Besides…it just means now they have a super cool place to visit!

So now that I’ve moved, what does this mean?!? Well for all my east coast loves, my blog posts will be popping up a little later than usual. With Alaska being four hours behind the east coast, my online presence will be starting in my early morning, which is the late afternoon for you guys! Will I still be traveling to shoots? UMMMMM…YES!!! While I look forward to capturing more and more of the beautiful people right here in Alaska, remember…my passport literally stays in my purse and I’m always ready for a good trip! Will I ever come back to Virginia?!? UMMMM…HECK YES!! VA is home to so many people I know and love!! There’s NO way I would not come back to visit and capture beautiful souls!!

When I wrote about making the big move on the blog here, I talked about several reasons why I loved this place so much. Am I scared? A little..I mean a little. Seriously, let’s be real. A girl from Georgia moving to Alaska?! SAY WHAT?!? As much as I love it here, it’s a whole new chapter…a chapter filled with stories that I don’t know anything about right now. But…isn’t that the beauty of it? Taking a leap of faith even if you don’t know where it will lead you?? As far as I’m concerned, I had two choices: make moves or make excuses. I’m am SO excited to make this my new home and make incredible memories with my best friend!!

Cheers to new adventures, new chapters and making moves!!

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  1. Ubani says:

    Thank you for your transparency! God speaks to us in the best ways :). I am excited for you on this new journey. As a person who pretty much lives on the other side of the world too, I can attest to many of the things you posted. There is a certain beauty and peace here that puts you in awe and wonder of how great and expansive our God truly is. Your family will love visiting as did mine and be completely blown away by the beauty of the Lord. Welcome to otherside of the world and thank you again for letting God use you in ways you may never understand.

  2. Ashley says:

    there is nothing like Alaska! And now your with the one you love! Wishing you nothing but success in this transition!

  3. James and Shaharriet Houchins says:

    Welcome Home! Remember you still have family here in Alaska! We are always here for you and Ethan! A phone call , text or email away!

  4. Terry Reid says:

    Mommy is definitely feeling some sort of way. But, God, the author & finisher of our Faith,, rest, rule & abide in both you & I. This is a new chapter in your life. I’m am confident that God knows just what you need. You are in a sweet, sweet place with blessings all around. You shall succeed in life just because He lives in you! So, fly my baby!!! You & Ethan have my permission to soar together high as eagles!!! I love you both!!!