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March 4, 2014


In an industry where most are only concerned with their business, there are those who open their hearts to others and give their all to build others up.

In this industry, I’ve met many photographers, but none like Amanda.


I first discovered Amanda of Amanda Hedgepeth Photography like I’ve discovered many of the blessings in my life…by pure accident.

When I decided to accept what God had called me to do and become a love photographer, I decided to look at different photographers’ websites in the area for inspiration.  There were many I saw that were cute, but nothing that really resonated with me. Then I came across this bubbly, cute little pregnant lady who, after watching the first few seconds of her intro video, I quickly fell in love with!

I emailed her just to say hello and to be honest, I didn’t expect a reply back. She replied with her signature “Hey girlfriend!!” and  positive words and next thing I know, we were in a convo talking about everything! I attended a Q & A session at her home and was blown away at how much she shared with us all.

Throughout the months I’ve known her, she’s become someone I look to when I feel dazed and confused, which is why scheduling a mentoring session with her was the perfect way to kick off 2014 for Sachel Samone Photography.

Our time together started with headshots! I can’t tell you the last time I was in front of someone’s camera, so I was extra excited about this!! It was freezing and we had a standoff with a gang of ducks (seriously…imagine the two smallest women you know chasing ducks with a broom), but I didn’t care. Being in front of the lens was super fun. Once we were finished with those, we said goodbye to Cammy and Ellie (Oh em gee, she’s SOOOOO CUTE in person!!) and headed to Starbucks and jumped right into it.

With her, I felt the freedom to say my fears out loud. I asked tons of questions, listened to her responses and really took to heart what she shared with me.

She is such a ray of sunshine who is the epitome of what it means to be a good mentor. It’s not often that I come across well-established photographers that are so willing to open up to photographers who are starting out. Many will turn you away or make you feel less than. Not Amanda. She has such a giving spirit and it really brings her joy to see others succeed.  Because of her, I’ve met amazing photographers who are just as encouraging and who have all made my journey into photography that much sweeter.

In the moments when I feel lost and broken, she is there to help me pick up the pieces and give my business clarity and direction. Our 3 hours together flew by, but at the end of our time together,  I left feeling so inspired and ready for a great 2014.

Here are some pictures from our time together!


sachel-amanda-hedgepeth-mentor-3104834434-O                                           sachel-amanda-hedgepeth-mentor-3104836330-O       Sachel Samone Photography



Amanda, thank you SO much for our time together. I learned a lot and enjoyed just walking talking business with you! I’m so proud to know you and can’t WAIT to see you again!!!


Sachel Samone Photography

  1. Holly says:

    Oh my gosh I love this so much! I caught myself nodding my head and saying “mmm” haha. Thanks for this reminder–I’ve been thinking about doing a mentoring session with someone this year, and there are a handful I’ve thought about doing it with…it’s so hard! So much talent out there! haha But you make great points! Hopefully I’ll get to mentor with her soon! 🙂