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May 5, 2018


There’s nothing more beautiful than watching the love of two people who were, without a doubt, put together by God shine bright.
From the moment I met Kendall in Alaska, I knew she was someone special who deserved someone special. A former Miss Alaska, she’s just one of those people who has light inside of her that can’t be ignored. So when I met her fiancé Matt, I couldn’t have been more happy for her because it was clear that she got God’s very best for her.
Matt_Kendall | Victoria Beach Laguna Beach Engagement Session | Sachel Samone Photography
Throughout our time together at Victoria Beach, I could see how strong his heart beats for her and how much she adores him. I can’t believe these two met while on spring break in college! I never thought meeting your soul mate while on spring break was a thing, but these two prove that love can come at the most unexpected time. And isn’t that the best thing about love?!
Matt_Kendall | Victoria Beach Laguna Beach Engagement Session | Sachel Samone Photography
Witnessing these two together was so….magical. The way they look at and laugh with each other are the things that dreams are made of. I honestly can’t believe I’m the lucky lady that gets to document their love and this incredible season they are in!
 Matt_Kendall | Victoria Beach Laguna Beach Engagement Session | Sachel Samone Photography
Making their engagement session even more magical was this picture perfect beach. This was my first time visiting Laguna Beach and I was really excited! Even though I remember watching Laguna Beach and the OC when I was younger and always thinking it looked pretty, I gotta say seeing it on television does not do this place justice. Obviously, I didn’t run into LC, but the moment I stepped onto Victoria Beach, I was immediately taken aback by its beauty. The cliffs are GORGEOUS, the sunset is PERFECTION and the Pirate Tower? Guys…this little slice of heaven is Breathtaking. I even had to stop a few times throughout the session just to take in the beauty of this place.
How beautiful is Kendall?! And her ring just makes my heart swoon!!
 I honestly couldn’t think of a better place for Matt and Kendall to celebrate their engagement. Their love is as pure as the salt air, as strong as the ocean waves and as golden as the sun.
Matt is such a handsome guy!
Matt and Kendall, thank you SOOOOOO much for allowing me to serve you guys and walk with you on this journey! I can’t wait to see you guys for the wedding!!!

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