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May 3, 2018



It’s the most important conversation of my day. It’s gotten me through tough times and bad storms. It is the way I expressed my gratitude to God when I simply didn’t know what else to say. For me,

There’s nothing like the power of prayer.

Prayer can restore hope, renew minds and transform lives. It can heal, bring peace and joy. There truly is nothing like it.

While on my break from social media, I really reconnected with God and was able to declutter my mind. And even though prayer has always been part of my daily life, I was reminded of how prayer makes me feel. Prayer makes me feel loved and connected to God. My fears, hopes, dreams…things that make me angry, sad and happy..my struggles…when I’m overwhelmed…during prayer, I can lay it all down. And in that, I find peace because I know Jesus hears it all.

And with that, the Prayer Room was created.

I felt led to add this section to my website because no matter what we’re going through, no matter how alone we may feel, there’s something incredible about knowing someone is praying on your behalf. It allows an incredible and unexplainable kind of peace to take over and I want that for you. I want that for all of us.

So if you’ll allow me to…I want to pray for you. 

Whether it’s about your marriage or family…if someone is sick or you just want me to pray that you have a good day, no request is too big or too small. Going to God on your behalf is something that truly brings me joy.

Taking part is really simple. All you have to do is fill out this form and you’ll immediately be added to my actual, physical prayer journal. That’s it.This isn’t just for clients or even potential clients. It’s for any and everybody who needs prayer.

Fill out this form as many times as you like. Daily, weekly, monthly…heck even hourly. There are no rules. Just prayer requests.

I encourage and invite you to share your request with me. It’d be my honor to pray for you.



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