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May 16, 2014


Dear Mommy,

Thank you.


There are many times where I try to verbalize just how much I love and appreciate you, but most days, all I can come up with is…Thank you.

You have singlehandedly shown me what it means to be a woman of God. Seriously, I’ve never met a woman so strong and deeply rooted in her faith. Quite honestly, I don’t think I ever will. Because of you and your example, I feel closer to God now than ever before.


I remember growing up and just watching you…the way your eyes sparkled, your perfect smile. The way you would hit a high-pitched note when you laughed. The way the kids at church always flocked to you and all I could think was “I wanna be just like her when I grow up.”


When I think about all you’ve endured over the years as a single-parent raising three girls…all the adventures we’ve had, I stand in awe of you. Once the three musketeers, we soon became the 4 musketeers and now the 6 musketeers. No matter what, you’ve been our backbone, our strength, our safe haven. You’ve given so freely to your children, that often I’ve wondered if you have anything left over for yourself. But you, through your actions and love, have taught me that giving frees the soul; that sharing the love of Christ with others is what gives us life. With everything you’ve done and continue to do, you mommy, like Naomi from the Bible, serve as proof that even though we may taste the cup of bitterness throughout life, God will never leave us empty.



I know we’ve had our ups and downs and sometimes we haven’t seen eye to eye, but the lessons you’ve taught me have made me into the woman I am today. You can be a little pushy at times…but your pushing has pushed me right into my purpose. You have inspired me to go after my greatest dream. You have encouraged me to never give up, to always remain true to myself (no matter how crazy it may sound to everyone else…including you) and to most importantly, pray and always stay connected to God.


The sometimes-not-so-quiet strength you exude, the greatness of your mind, your undeniable beauty, your courage, your wisdom and unwavering faith…these are the makings of you and just a few bullets on the VERY long list of why I admire and love you.SACHELSAMONEPHOTOGRAPHY

In Proverbs 31, the Bible describes what a virtuous woman is…she is worth more than rubies, she rises early in the morning and among so many things, her children rise up and call her blessed.


Well, not only do I call you blessed, I thank God for blessing ME with you. I know often you say you’re so proud of me, but if you take away all of my accolades, achievements and distinguished recognitions,  to have the honor of calling you mommy…that is what makes ME proud.

SACHELSAMONEPHOTOGRAPHY While many remember you as the Queen of Lincoln High School…Miss Lincoln from Port Arthur Texas, simply put and truthfully stated, you will forever be the queen of my heart…Miss Queen Bee.


So to the one who is a sister, a friend, a daughter, an aunt and a grandmother. I raise my glass to the greatest woman I’ll ever know…the one I simply call mommy.

You are forever my muse.





  1. Terry says:

    Sachel, mommy is speechless! You shoot, I smile & you materialize the finished product! I am grateful for your love, admiration & devotion to me. You have made me realize that all my struggles/labor were not in vain. I raise my hands & give God all the praises & glory for without Him, I am nothing!!! Mommy loves her jewels unconditionally! !! We are all destined for greatness because of that decision: to follow Christ!!! Never, ever stop pressing towards the Mark for the Prize of the high calling of God in Jesus Christ!!!
    Love, Mommy & the God In Me

  2. Bridgette says:

    This is absolutely beautiful Sachel! I love this sooo much! Your mother is beautiful and the way you have described her and captured her makes me feel as though I know her personally as well. All glory to God for placing mothers like yours in our lives that guide us, love us, and continually shine as an example of His love.