I've been keeping journals since I was in the 3rd grade and I'm so glad to share some of my most intimate life moments with you here!  Here, you'll find inspirational and encouraging stories of me and other broken people like me. We are all jars of clay who have been afflicted in every way, but not crushed...struck down by not destroyed.  Here, you do NOT have the right to remain silent, so as you read, grab your favorite snack and drink and leave a comment...share YOUR story. I can't wait to connect with you in this beautiful safe space. 

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April 9, 2016


It’s no secret that Mothers hold a very special place in my heart. The love I have for them begins with the most important woman in my life: my mother.

My mother is BEAUTIFUL. She is smart, funny and even in her corniest moments, she is MAGNIFICENT. She’s a wonderful cook, an amazing example of what a woman of God should be, a lover of music and an all-around petite powerhouse. She in her own right, is a glorious force of nature…radiant and joyful.

When her mother died while I was in college, I began to look for more images of my grandmother to have. She played such a huge role in my life and I just wanted to hold on to that. But as I searched for images, images that just seemed to capture the essence of who she was, I found myself coming up short. A little sad, I let it go, tucked away the pictures I did have and didn’t give it much thought…until years later, when my mother had a very special birthday.

When she turned 50, I was looking through a scrapbook of mine and saw so many images of her. She was beautiful in each image, but I soon realized that NONE of the images really captured my mom’s spirit, her zest for life…her compassion, her joy…her sense of adventure. NOT A SINGLE ONE. So, I picked up my camera and made it my mission to capture it…not just that year…but every year after. Since then, my passion for mothers, grandmothers and generations turned into a fire that has never dimmed.


(My beautiful Mama! Can you believe she is a part of the 50 & Fabulous Club?!!)

Photographing mothers is an experience that is more than just posing pretty and smiling big. It’s about telling your story. Telling your mother’s story…your grandmother’s story. It’s about capturing generational magic…an incredibly powerful lineage of strength, grace and wisdom. One day, your children will grow up and if they’re anything like me, they will look for photos of you. This portrait experience is your gift to them. These portraits of you are your legacy.

At the very core of me, I am a storyteller. I’ve always been fascinated in telling the greatest stories. After studying broadcast news in college and working a few years as a reporter, I truly believe that while journalism has taught me how to document life, photography has taught me how to SEE life and I. SEE. YOU.

I see your strength. I see your hurt…your pain. I see how Genuine you are…how Confident you are…how FEARLESS you are.

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Next week, I will be announcing the details for this year’s 2016 Mother’s Day Portrait Event and I am SO EXCITED about it!! Not only will this event allow your children to have amazing portraits of the most important woman in their life, but it will also benefit a very special organization here in Anchorage that is near and dear to my heart!!!

Get ready!! We’re going to have SO. MUCH. FUN!!!

Have a great weekend lovelies!!

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