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October 29, 2014


After taken a break from the wedding planning process, things finally seem to be coming together!

After really taking some time to decide who I wanted to stand by my side, I recently was able to do something fun: ask my best girls to stand with me on that special day!!

Anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE wine. Seriously, it’s like my favorite food group. Dry, sweet, red, white…I don’t discriminate. For me, there is nothing like a glass of fine wine. So naturally, I wanted to incorporate that love of mine into how I asked each one of my ladies.

Annnnnd….cue Label With Love.


In one of my many “wandering-aimlessly-around-Etsy” sessions, I came across this shop and immediately fell in love! Not only was I able to customize wine bottles for my best girls (because WHO doesn’t like having a personalized wine bottle?!), but I loved the welcoming feel I received.  I began talking to Andrea and although she and the rest of her LWL team are based out of Hawaii, she quickly responded with just as much excitement as me. Talk about making  a girl feel extra special. People like her are the reason why I love to support small businesses!


The thing I love most about their labels??? They are weatherproof!! That means my girls can put them on ice or stick them in the fridge for long periods of time without worrying about them coming off.


So after ordering them and putting the bottles together, the really fun part came: I was able to personally ask each girl if they would stand next to me one of THE most important days of my life and trust me, seeing their reactions?? AHHHMAZING!! Everything from”Yasssssssssss boo!” to happy tears to shocked faces to screaming ensued and quite honestly, it was perfect. These women mean so much to me and each of them have contributed to who I am as a woman and while none of our relationships are perfect, there’s no other group of ladies I’d rather do this day with.

(Tam’s reaction was PRICELESS!!)


Thank you SO much Andrea for all of your help creating labels that I absolutely LOVED!!! My girls and I are definitely appreciative!! This will definitely not be the last time we work together!