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August 13, 2015


After all the months of planning, I can’t believe it’s over!! As happy as I am to have my life back from wedding planning, I slightly miss it. You plan for months and months and in the blink of an eye, it’s all over.

One of the things I kept hearing over and over was “Sachel…who is YOUR photographer? You’re not shooting your own wedding are you? They’re going to have to hide your camera from you!” When the photographer becomes the bride, most people would think that we’re running around with our camera, second shooting. But just like it’s important for my clients to trust me, it was important for me to just relax on that day and simply BE A BRIDE. With Amanda, that’s exactly what I was able to do. Knowing she was with us at Trump Winery on our special day allowed me to completely let my hair down. Now, don’t get me wrong, I totally pulled my camera out a few times before and after the big day, but on that day, I wasn’t Sachel Samone of Sachel Samone Photography. I was simply Mrs. Harris…a bride armed with her selfie stick. 🙂



Recognize these two gems!?!? Yes, that’s Henry and Kascha!! I love when my bride and grooms are friends first!!!!



From the wine tastings to the mini photo shoots to my heart melting form watching my nieces dance with Ethan, so many memories were made in Charlottesville! I’m telling you guys: I absolutely LOVE this place!!!

After everything was all said and done, many people asked  “Was it all worth it?” My answer: YES. HECK. YES. Although we officially were married last November, we planned a big celebration this year because we wanted to do just that: celebrate with the ones nearest and dearest to us. We wanted that experience and even with all the stress that came with it, on that day in that moment, being surrounded by so much love took my breath away. As a team, it was so exciting to finally be able to see the vision we created come to life. I can’t thank my mom and sisters, my girlfriends, Ethan’s guys and our vendors for everything they did to keep us from going over a cliff. Everyone worked so hard alongside us to make our dream a reality. Seriously guys…you are all the real MVPs.


To our friends and family that came out…OH MY GOSH, you made our day!!! It was absolutely perfect. Thank you all so much for your messages, texts, emails and phone calls! Your love for us…means the world to us!

Cheers to TeamHarris!


Didn’t I tell you Amanda was amazing?!?! And this is just the sneak peak!! AHHHHHH!! I can’t WAIT to see them all!!



  1. Terry Reid says:

    Absolutely a day of blessings!!! Sachel,you were a beautiful bride & are an amazing daughter, sister, auntie, wife & woman of God. And, Ethan, so handsome & a man that I watched go from a young boy to a man of God. You two are destined for great things for the Kingdom of God. Always, remember the covenant! Thank you for allowing me to be an instrumental part of Team Harris Team! Mamma loves you both & are here for ya’ll. Blessings forward!!!