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May 26, 2014


To some, today is a day off from work. It’s a day of sleeping in, cookouts and beach relaxation. It’s the unofficial start of summer.

But not to me. In all honesty, today is like any other day.

With me being a military brat, with me being in a relationship with a service member…between me being friends with so many service members and living in a military community, one thing I’ve come to realize is that I don’t need to save all my reflection and expressions of gratitude for the last Monday in May.


These men and women have paid the ULTIMATE SACRIFICE. They gave their time, their LIFE so that I can live in a country that is free. Some of them still haven’t come home. How can I NOT remember and honor them on a daily basis?  These service members are stronger and braver than I could ever imagine myself being. Because of their selflessness, our country is better. It’s not something I take for granted.


To me, Memorial Day should be everyday. Everyday we should remember what it means to be a hero. The heroes are not the movie stars. They are not the athletes or the music stars. They are the ones who, whether they here today or not, have volunteered to serve their country..the ones who sacrificed their lives for something greater than themselves.


Honor above All

I can’t thank them enough for all they sacrificed to preserve our lives, liberties & pursuit of happiness. My heart swells up with pride when I think of the legacy they all left behind and how I’m able to look around my community and see the fruits of their labor.



For every service member who took the one-way trip. For every man and woman who went down swinging;  defending life, liberty and freedom for their families and complete strangers. For all the ones who had the courage to step up and lay down their life so that I may rise. Whether it’s years of service, your first year of marriage or your life… you served; given something to this country, without asking for anything in return. That’s worth celebrating…today. And Everyday.

Thank You.




DO YOU HAVE SOMEONE YOU’D LIKE TO HONOR TODAY? Comment below and share a little bit about them. I’d love to hear about your personal heroes. 🙂