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December 19, 2014


I don’t even know where to BEGIN with this lady!!! Samara is a gorgeous girl who is always ready to laugh, play in the rain and have a good time!! My oh my is she filled with SO much life!!


Together, we spent a quiet, rainy Saturday together in Newport News and I have to say…even though the rain was coming down, Samara rocked her time in front of my lens like a pro!! Though during the daytime, she currently serves in the United States Air Force, I’m pretty sure she moonlights as a model! I mean seriously…is she NOT beautiful?!? ESPECIALLY THOSE TATTOOS! I have to admit, when I first met her, I was NOT expecting for her to be covered in so much ink, but hey, you know what they say: never judge a book by its cover.


I am waaaay too chicken to get something so…permanent, but for her, that’s the thing that has caused her to become addicted to ink. No seriously..from January to March, Samara got a tattoo every month, bringing her total to eight pieces.

“I got my first tattoo on my 19th birthday,” Samara shared with me. “It was a gift to myself. I’ve always been fascinated with art and I eventually started drawing and painting stuff and I thought it was beautiful how something on paper or a canvas could become permanent on your body especially if it was something meaningful to you. From the artist side of me, I always felt like the body was a giant canvas and it would be a shame to let it go through life blank.”

The more time I spend with Samara, the more I see how much of a ray of sunshine she is. I love the way she squeals when she’s excited, laughs with no fear of the future and has such an incredibly positive outlook on life!! I had SO much photographing her that I didn’t want her session to end!! Here are a few of my favorites!!!




Samara, you are SUCH a beautiful soul! Thank you SO much for serving this country and protecting us all!! I am so honored to have captured you with my lens! You are going to go SO far in life and I have no doubt you the light within you will shine as bright as diamond!!! 🙂