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September 30, 2015



loves to nuzzle, has the energy of 50 energizer bunnies and is absolutely beautiful!! Teddy George is an eight-week old Bich-Poo that has snuggled his way right into our hearts! I’ve been meaning to blog about him for some time now, but quite honestly, we’ve been too busy just enjoying his presence in our home!

Growing up with dogs, I always wanted one as an adult. But let’s be honest: they are a HUGE responsibility. They require a lot of attention, love and care. So when Ethan and I began talking about expanding our family, I was both excited and cautious not to jump the gun. We both wanted to be settled and find our groove as husband and wife before adding a dog into the mix. Because we have family members and friends that have bad allergies, we knew we wanted a bich-poo, which is hybrid of a bichon frise and a poodle because not only do they remind us of teddy bears, but they are hypoallergenic, highly intelligent and LOVE TO HAVE FUN!! Plus they’re just so DARN cute!! We really did our research and took our time looking for the right breeder. As a couple living in Anchorage, it’s not always easy to travel across the country visiting different breeders, so it was really important for us to work with a company we could trust. Let me tell you, we TOTALLY lucked out with Greenfield Puppies!! The company, which is based in Pennsylvania, does thorough background checks on breeders, takes tons of pictures of the puppy you’re interested in, each puppy comes with a health guarantee and the best part? They SHIP TO YOU if you are unable to pick your puppy up in person!! For us, that was HUGE! We worked with Steve and Tamara and these two really went out of their way to communicate with us every step of the way and ensure our little Teddy George arrived to us safely.

So why the name Teddy George? Well, when you when you look at him, he looks like a teddy bear. Seriously, look at him! He’s so cute, he almost doesn’t seem real! We added George because it’s Ethan’s middle name and I love the idea of naming this sweet boy after my favorite boy!anchorage alaska | teddy george the bichpoo | portraits Sachel Samone Photography9384

Since picking him up at the airport here in Anchorage, Teddy has been keeping us on our toes. Between the early morning feedings, family play dates in the park and potty training, there is never a dull moment in the Harris household. He makes us smile and laugh so much and now that he’s in our lives, we can’t imagine our world without him. He’s such an adorable, fluffball…our own  little ray of sunshine. Every chance we get, we’re snapping pictures and videos of every cute thing he does and sending them to each other…yes we are THOSE kind of puppy parents! There are times where we watch him sleep, just in awe that he’s all ours! We seriously love this pup SO much!!

anchorage alaska | teddy george the bichpoo | portraits Sachel Samone Photography9311anchorage alaska | teddy george the bichpoo | portraits Sachel Samone Photography9321anchorage alaska | teddy george the bichpoo | portraits Sachel Samone Photography9386anchorage alaska | teddy george the bichpoo | portraits Sachel Samone Photography9410anchorage alaska | teddy george the bichpoo | portraits Sachel Samone Photography9328

Welcome Teddy George!! We love you SO much!!

anchorage, alaska | teddy george the bichpoo | sachel samone photography



  1. Terry Reid says:

    Well, Teddy George is soooooooo adorable?. I can’t wait to hold my Grandawg!!! See you real soon!!!