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January 24, 2014


He is a storage hardware engineer and a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. She is loving fifth-grade teacher who has eyes that sparkle when she sees him.

Together, they really are one of the most loving couples I know.



When Kascha called me to ask if I’d be her and Henry’s photographer for their upcoming nuptials in December, I squealed with excitement. 

I’ve known these two lovebirds since my days as a student at THE University of Georgia and like a lot of our friends, was WAITING for the day, Henry popped the question.2014-01-23_0013

Well when he finally did….He did in true Henry fashion.

In 2006, Henry  was DJing a block party at Church Hall, a dorm on campus. It was being thrown by Kascha’s best friend, LaToya. Kascha decided to attend and while there, Henry asked her to dance.

 Fast forward seven years to November 8, 2013. Kascha received an email from an anonymous source, telling her to be at the Founder’s Garden on campus by 5:00 p.m. to find a clue hidden by the bench in the garden. After searching over 30 minutes, she finally found the clue which took her to Brumby Hall, a dorm on campus.

Rushing, as she was very late according to the standards of the e-mail, she arrived to find her second clue hidden in some bushes by the entrance to the dorm. This clue took her to Church Hall, the place where she danced that first dance with Henry. She waited patiently, as her clue told her someone would arrive shortly to take her to dinner. In his super smooth way, Henry came around the corner with a dozen pink roses in hand. And there, in the same spot where they met, he asked her to marry him. Seriously, HOW ROMANTIC IS THAT?!?

While capturing their love in front of my lens around campus in the January cold, I could just FEEL the love between them.  With TONS of light spilling in (I just LOVE light!!), there are SO many favorites to choose from!! ,Here are a few of mine…












Kascha and Henry, I had SOOOOOOO much fun spending time with you guys!! Honestly…you two are one of the most AMAZING couples I know and I can’t WAIT until December!



  1. Casey Bruce says:

    Wow Sachel! As someone who knows Kascha and Henry and you, this photoshoot blew me away!! You are so talented and I can’t wait to see more of your work!!

  2. Ditto to what Casey said! This is beautiful