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2017: Let's Do This!

January 2, 2017


HAPPY NEW YEAR!! I can’t believe it’s 2017 already! It feels like 2016 came and went in the blink of an eye.

While this new year may not come with a COMPLETELY clean slate, I believe it is coming with so many new possibilities!

I don’t about you, but for me 2016 was a WHIRLWIND! Among all the many things that happened, we got a puppy, became pregnant, miscarried, got pregnant again (and this sweet boy will be here any day now!), moved from Alaska to Florida, I made my first $1200 portrait sale and after almost seven years, I left my full-time job (my VERY comfortable full-time job) to pursue my passion of photography full-time. And that’s not even the tip of the iceberg! 2016 was definitely a year of transition…LOTS of change for our family. Some moments were amazing and some moments I prefer to forget. There were times where my fear was bigger than my faith, but in the midst of all the craziness and my self-doubt, God’s faithfulness never wavered and for that I’m VERY grateful.

I’m believing 2017 will be year of becoming anchored. I believe this year will be a year of many life-changing, legacy-building and unforgettable moments…one that change my life for the better permanently. Am I scared? HECK YEA! Truth is, we all have fears. The trick is to turn that fear into motivation and not let it cripple our desire to achieve our goals. That’s why I’ve chosen two words to help guide me throughout this year. The first word?

2017 | The Year of Intentional Living and Grateful Hearts

It’s important for me to be intentional in everything I do. I want everything I do to serve a purpose and work towards big picture goals. Sometimes I can get easily distracted. Other times, I can get so caught up in doing something that by the time I realize that it didn’t move me closer to my goals, I’ve wasted so much time… Time I can’t get back. To be honest, I did a lot of that last year. This year, it’s my heart’s desire to change that. I want to live ON. PURPOSE.

My second word?

2017 | The Year of Intentional Living and Grateful Hearts

Whether it’s me doing something on purpose or trusting that whatever God allows to happen (good or bad) is intentional and is working together for my good, I want to remember to always have a grateful heart. Sometimes when things don’t go according to plan, I forget all the things God has done and if last year showed me nothing else, it showed me that God it with everything that happens this year, I want to be thankful for everything He gives us (and everything He doesn’t) and serve others in my business with a grateful heart.

What are you believing for in 2017? It is my sincerest hope that you grow exponentially this year…that your dreams become a reality and that your faith becomes WAAAAAAYYY bigger than your fear. Do you have a word or two that you are determined to live by this year? Share them below and let’s begin to hold each other accountable!!

It’s 2017….LET’S DO THIS!

2017 | The Year of Intentional Living and Grateful Hearts

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