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December 21, 2016


December is a special month for so many reasons! Like Ms. Viola, this PHENOMENAL woman also recently celebrated a birthday and I’m SO incredibly happy to have met her!

Ms. Octavia | 50+ & Fabulous | Beauty Portraits for Mature Women

I’ve said it time and time again and I’ll say it until I can’t say it anymore: there’s something incredibly special about seasoned women. Their stories are so moving, so life-changing…and as a young woman, the more time I spend with them, the more I can’t help but feel like I am becoming a better version of me. I met Ms. Octavia through Ms. Viola and she has quickly become one of the most treasured women I’ve ever met.

Originally from Antigua, an island in the West Indies. Though she hasn’t been back since she was 17 years old, the island spirit hasn’t left her. What I adore most about her is that she has such a free-loving spirit who isn’t afraid to tell what you need to hear…even if you don’t want to hear it. I have SO many people in my circle who aren’t afraid to keep it real with me, so to add this straight shooter to the mix, makes me life even more interesting.

Ms. Octavia | 50+ & Fabulous | Beauty Portraits for Mature Women

Ms. Octavia | 50+ & Fabulous | Beauty Portraits for Mature Women

When Ms. Octavia told me she hadn’t been photographed professionally since her wedding day almost 31 years ago, I was even more compelled to photograph her. I mean look at her! Is she stunning or IS SHE STUNNING?!??Ms. Octavia | 50+ & Fabulous | Beauty Portraits for Mature Women

One of the things Ms. Octavia and I connected on as soon as we met was our mutual love and respect for older women. Every Sunday, Ms. Octavia goes and sits with Ms. Viola to just talk about life and exchange words of wisdom. I’ve been so fortunate to sit in on some of these quiet Sunday girlfriend meetings and I gotta say, listening to them and sitting at their feet is always so rewarding. Ms. Octavia is also a former military spouse, which means though a lot has changed since her husband has retired, she’s someone that understands the joys and frustrations that I sometimes experience. She has shared so much with me about faith, marriage and what it means to be a real friend, but one of the most beautiful things we connect on is what we love most about being women.Ms. Octavia | 50+ & Fabulous | Beauty Portraits for Mature Women

She tells me all the time “If you don’t take care of yourself when you’re younger, you will regret it when you become older.” “I want younger women to take care of their hands, take care of their feet…I didn’t say lather yourself up with makeup, but take care of the natural beauty that God has given you.” Ms. Octavia’s beauty doesn’t compare to her wisdom. She truly believes in taking care of your heart and your mind and building a community of strong women. Ms. Octavia is a feisty, smart, strong and beautiful woman. Even after her session was done, we just sat and talked for hours. Listening to her life experiences and taking in her words of wisdom nearly moved me to tears. I’m so grateful for the older women in our communities. They all have impeccable stories to tell and capturing the essence of who they are makes me feel so…strong.

Ms. Octavia | 50+ & Fabulous | Beauty Portraits for Mature Women


Ms. Octavia, THANK YOU for being YOU! I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR YOU! You are such a force and an inspiration. I pray your 58th year on this Earth is your BEST. YEAR. YET.

Ms. Octavia | 50+ & Fabulous | Beauty Portraits for Mature Women

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