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June 15, 2014


Dear Dad,

It’s been nine years since I last said goodbye to you in April of 2005. There’s so much that I wish you could have been here to help me with, or just to seek your wisdom on growing up as a man. Since your passing, I’ve been fortunate to have some positive men continue to encourage and motivate me through some difficult times. However, some of life’s moments and circumstances I had to learn on my own.

So here is an update on some things that have been going on with your “Georgie”:

That following fall, I enrolled into Johnson C. Smith University, with high aspirations of graduating with a college degree. I kept myself focused on my studies, and constantly kept my eye on the prize. I was a student athlete, playing football and running track. Although I was playing a sport that I enjoyed growing up as a child, all I kept thinking to myself was “I wish Dad could have seen this or been here to witness”. After our many conversations about me playing ball after high school, you still wanted me to focus more on my education rather than my catches. I guess that was just you being my Father. Even though my athletic career stopped at the collegiate level, I managed to get involved in other organizations that you probably would have been surprised to see.


I became a member of a Greek lettered organization by the name of Phi Beta Sigma Fraternity, Incorporated that was founded on the principles of Brotherhood, Scholarship, and Service. Once again, our heavenly Father surrounded me with positive men continued to build upon the foundation you built for me.  They wanted to help others through community outreach and I could honestly say that if you were in a fraternity, you would have been a Sigma man. I love each and every one of my chapter brothers. They have challenged me in so many ways; some in a positive manner and other times they made me want to pull out my hair. But at the end of the day, they made me the man that I am today…a man that you would have been proud of.

You never got a chance to meet any of my girlfriends growing up. Other than “The Talk” that you had with me when I was 8, we never got the opportunity to just sit down as men and discuss the do’s and don’ts that come with being in a relationship with a woman. To be honest, I was looking forward to having those talks with you and just picking your brain for some much needed advice during my days in college. I’ve been lied to, cheated on, and had some close calls that would have jeopardized my future. But through it all, God shined His favor on me and pulled me out of every dark trench that I placed myself in.

I’m happy to say that I did find you a Daughter-in-law in Sachel that would have brought you so much joy. I know she would have kept you laughing from the first day with her silly questions about our Guyanese culture and the way that she looks at certain things from a “birds eye” view. I am so thankful and fortunate that I was given a second chance at making her the happiest and most important woman in my life. I know that you will have a front row seat on that special day when we stand before God, our families and dearest friends and profess our love and commitment to one another.

The family is still going strong. Though life has hit us in various ways and scenarios, it hasn’t broken us. Mom is blossoming into her golden years with so much grace. We both know how strong she is, but there are sometimes when I talk to her, I hear it in her voice how much she misses you. Even though you guys divorced in the 80’s, I know that you both still had feelings for one another…maybe the time just wasn’t right. You never had a foul word for her. When I would do wrong, the both of you would team up and handle your son!!! Lol!!!

Alexis is looking more and more like mom… even sounding like her, which is a little scary at times. But she misses you as much as I do. We still spend countless hours on the phone reminiscing about the good and bad times that we spent with you. We talk about your funny stories about your friends or how every time you get to a corner in Brooklyn, it somehow stretches into another block or so. I sometime find myself saying some of the same quotes that you would tell us and in those moments, I  stop, chuckle to myself and reflect.


Every day I wake up I look in the mirror, and even though people outside the family say that I look so much like mom, the family knows who I mostly resemble. At first, I couldn’t see it. But when I look at your photos, and remember your mannerisms, I AM A LITTLE YOU!!! The way that I want to help everybody in the family out, even if it stresses me out at the end of the day, I still do it. That is what I saw from you. Whether it was  on Saturday mornings, you and I hitting the New York streets to go grocery shopping for Grandma Pearl or you setting up my very own basketball court in the backyard that eventually became the hangout spot for almost all the kids living on Linden Blvd and beyond, you were “Mr. Fix It.” I always admired that about you. I know that you did your best when it came to me, and Dad? You did a remarkable job. I’m still growing, but the little teachings that I was able to receive from you, developed a young man who only wants to make you and the woman I love proud moving forward.

On this Father’s Day, like the previous ones, I will reflect and remember you. There is not a day that goes by where I miss hearing your voice saying “Georgie Porgie, what’s up”. I listen to Luther Vandross’ “Dance with my Father,” and it brings tears to my eyes every time. I love you Herbert Terry Harris. Though your body may not be here on Earth, your spirit will continue to live on through me.



Your Son,