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September 13, 2016


Being pregnant has been such a magical journey so far. This little miracle came when I least expected him to, but from the moment I saw his face and heard his heartbeat at his first ultrasound, I’ve felt so beautiful, so empowered…so amazing. This process has been such an incredible reminder of how phenomenal God is and how amazing our bodies are. However comma, it has also been a teaching moment.

With one trimester down and the second one well underway,  (I seriously can’t believe I’m about to be 20 weeks!), there are a few things that I’ve learned.

1. The non-stop peeing begins instantly.  Like seriously every 5-10 minutes, I’m running off to the bathroom. How the heck did I not know this? Why did no one warn me?!? As a matter of fact…excuse me for a minute..

2. There are endless lists of things you can’t eat when you’re pregnant. Certain cheeses, certain fishes, I mean…the list honestly goes on and on and on. I was super intense about following everything at first and to be honest, I’m still a little extra careful, but for the most part, I’ve kinda chilled out. Baby Harris’ health is very important to me, so as long as I’m getting the proper nutrients we need, stressing out like a crazy person isn’t going to do anything.

3. Apparently, you become a gas machine…and I’ve totally just learned to deal with it. At first I was really embarrassed and felt really bad subjecting Ethan and others to such horrendous smells, but hey…it comes with the territory. All I can do is apologize in advance, so….yea…sorry babe.


4. Reading too much about pregnancy is a bad idea. Especially on Google. That place is FILLED with horror stories that will have you self-diagnosing yourself and freaking yourself out before your first ultrasound appointment. Asking friends for real-life advice is less scary, but remember to take everything with a grain of salt. I’m beginning to learn more and more what works for one woman may not work for me.

5. Speaking of ultrasound appointments, you will not get pictures at every single appointment! Y’all. When I say I was DEVASTATED about this?!?! I nearly cried. I absolutely LOVE pictures…#occupationalhazard. This totally could depend on your coverage and where you are, but for me, this was a really REALLY tough pill to swallow.

6. People all of a sudden feel this urge to want to touch your belly. This one can be SUUUUPER irritating. Baby Harris started to show towards the end of the first trimester and just because he decided to start  poking out and saying hi, DOES NOT give people the right to touch my stomach! I just think it’s really weird..ESPECIALLY WHEN THEY DON’T ASK FIRST!! And then they look at ME weird when I push their hand away or politely decline their rub! Like…hello?? Spirits are real. This is still my body and there is a line you just don’t cross.

7. Once you find out the sex of the baby, you will IMMEDIATELY go to the mall. You want me to be honest? I was shopping before I knew the sex. I just stuck to gender neutral items: socks, plain onesies, etc. Now that I know it’s a boy?!? OMG, I can’t seem to stop myself! Everywhere I turn there is cute baby boy stuff and…I mean, the baby needs clothes right?!? Don’t judge me, just trust me…it’ll totally happen to you.

8. Leggings has become my best friend. Well, basically anything stretchy. I gave up wearing anything with buttons a long time ago. And I haven’t looked back since. Being comfortable has become one of my top priorities and I don’t care how cold it gets, leggings, tanktops and midi dresses will always be my staples throughout this pregnancy.


9. As exciting as it was, telling your parents that you’re pregnant feels kind of…awkward.  When I told my mom, she officially knew we were having sex. Ethan and me…the two she’s known since we were kids. I mean, yes we’ve been married for almost 2 years now, so clearly she knew before, but now, there is LITERALLY physical proof.

10. The main thing I’ve learned is how important it is to listen to my body. I have a tendency to always be on the go and constantly be doing something, but since becoming pregnant, I’ve learned to slow down, say no and put myself first. I can’t do everything anymore and you know what? That is totally okay. Slowing down and taking time to kick my feet up to relax is not only good for me, it’s necessary for our baby boy. So as much as I like to be on the go, sometimes I just gotta stop and say NO.

As I continue on this journey, I am falling more and more and more in love with my body and my baby. So far this pregnancy journey has been comical, surprising and overall so much fun! I can’t wait to learn more as this pregnancy goes on.

Are your pregnant? What lessons have you learned so far? I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Cheers to this amazing journey called motherhood!


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