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Marriage Mondays, TeamHarris

April 25, 2016


Over the weekend, Ethan and I attended A Weekend to Remember, a marriage getaway here in Anchorage and going into it, I gotta admit, I had NO idea what to expect. But looking back on this weekend… after laughing, crying and listening to the encouraging stories of the speakers, I would go to this event again, again and again.

From couples married for 49 years to couples engaged for 4 months, A Weekend to Remember, which is hosted by Family Life Ministries is open to married and engaged couples who are looking to strengthen their marriage foundation. The event kicked off Friday evening and we immediately jumped into the heavy stuff: losing children and why marriages fail. Yea…these speakers held nothing back. 

A Weekend of Getaway | Marriage Mondays

While there we also talked about communication, learning how to fight fair, God’s purpose for marriage, our roles as Godly wives and husbands and sex! When I say NOTHING was off limits?!? NOTHING. WAS. OFF. LIMITS.

Having never been to a marriage retreat before, I really enjoyed hearing all the amazing stories. Ethan and I have a lot of differences. Some of those differences have nearly broken us.  Sometimes when you’re a newlywed, you want to do everything you can to make sure your marriage stays on track. But mistakes are made, arguments happen and sometimes you and your husband can get off track. That’s why retreats like A Weekend to Remember are so amazing. Hearing the words of wise couples who have been there, done that and survived the trenches of marriage not only can help you get back on track, but between the fellowship with other married couples who are chasing God fiercely, the love letters and the date nights….experiencing this retreat will positively change you and your marriage for a lifetime.

A Weekend of Getaway | Marriage Mondays

A Weekend of Getaway | Marriage Mondays

At the end of the retreat, we participated in a vow renewal, recommitting our lives to each other and to God. The feeling in that room….it was beautiful.

A Weekend of Getaway | Marriage Mondays

Going into this retreat, I had no idea what to expect. I was actually a little scared. Ok..a lot of scared. I didn’t know what kind of ugly truths were going to be brought to the surface. After coming to the Weekend to Remember retreat, I feel so refreshed! The ugly truths that did come to the surface were so necessary and because of it, we left it all at the alter. I feel like Ethan and I are closer and our foundation is stronger. Whether you’re a newlywed or a seasoned vet in the marriage game, I encourage you to visit their website and find the closest event to your area! You definitely won’t leave the same!

A Weekend of Getaway | Marriage Mondays

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