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2018 Blogs, Emerald Coast Family Sessions

September 26, 2018


There is something really magical about the sunsets here on the Emerald Coast. It’s honestly one of my favorite times to be outside or sit at the beach. The colors are peaceful, I feel especially close to God and everywhere you turn, the scenery looks like something out of a painting. So naturally, photographing these three beautiful souls against such a gorgeous backdrop at Henderson Beach State Park felt like a dream I didn’t want to wake up from.

I think anyone who knows Kyle and Claire will agree with me when I say it’s impossible to know them and NOT love them. They are a shining example of how beautiful life can be when you surrender to God’s will for your life.

I remember the first time I met Claire at our church, Destiny Worship Center. I was a super-new mom, she was an expecting mom and we just…clicked. Something about her felt so familiar. It was as if we’d known each other for years, making it SUPER easy to connect on a heart-level that was so pure and genuine. Before I knew it, this fellow-Georgia girl had quickly become more than a friend…she became a sister…someone I can laugh with, cry with, encourage and be encouraged by. And between her outer beauty, her genuine love for people and her inner peace and love for God…no wonder Kyle married her! I mean…LOOK at her! Look at Him! LOOK AT THEM! Are they BEAUTIFUL or ARE THEY BEAUTIFUL!?!?

They’ve only been married for 2 1/2 years, but I gotta say, these two have very wise souls. In the many conversations, we’ve had, we’ve talked about everything from marriage and motherhood to ministry and sports. But it’s their zest for ministry that makes me take a step back and say:

“Wow…these two are something truly special.”

Without a doubt, these two are on fire for Jesus. As a matter of fact, that’s what brought them to the Emerald Coast. After graduating from school in Alabama, Kyle and Claire came here after they accepted positions in the ministry. In addition to her angelic voice that she uses to help lead praise and worship, she, alongside her husband have a real love for young people.

“We’re passionate about college students,” they told me. “Hearing their stories of how God has moved in them fuels us.” 

Still newlyweds themselves, they still have great advice for young married couples or recently engaged couples (one I can give a personal Amen to!):

“Being married…Oh gosh… it forces you to constantly check yourself and your selfishness…[so] FIGHT for your marriage. It will only be as healthy as you fight for it to be.”

Now as young parents, they, like the rest of us new parents, are in a season where they’re learning the art of balance. And while they may not be perfect at, they sure do look good doing it!

“Oh boy. It’s so much fun watching each other be parents,” they shared. “Kyle is the most patient human on the planet,” Claire added.

And how could you not be patient when your son has a face like this?! As a mama, it always does my heart good to capture loving parents, and I mean these two? These two LOVE being parents! The way they love this little boy, it’s evident they are so happy to start their family. Everything about them radiates Jesus and y’all…that to me is priceless.

Now these three are moving back to Birmingham to further their ministry. I’m going to miss them terribly, but I’m glad we got to spend time together at Henderson Beach State Park. Their presence in my family’s life has been such a blessing and I’m so grateful to God for allowing us all to cross paths.

Kyle and Claire, thank you SO much for spending one of your final days here with me! I’m incredibly honored to have photographed you guys and baby Dawson! I’m super blessed to call you all friends and I can’t wait to see how God uses you all in Birmingham!

xoxoxo, Sachel Blog Post Signature