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Life Behind My Lens, SachelSamone Photography

November 27, 2013


A few days ago, as I was preparing to celebrate the holidays, I was awakened in the middle of the night by a clear, sweet whisper in my ear. The Holy Spirit said to me:

“There are people in the world praying for the very things you’re taking for granted. Be grateful for your blessings.”

Later on in the day, I began to think about the many blessings God has graced me with this year…and it’s only November. He’s really been moving in my life and in the lives of the ones I love, so in honor of this season of giving, I decided to name a few of the things and people that I’m eternally grateful for:


This guy has subscribed to my brand of crazy since I was 7 years old! Can you all believe it!? He has seen me smile and cry…when I’ve been at my highs and lows and he loves me like no other. I am so thankful for our friendship, love and his service to this country. My life just wouldn’t be the same without him.


My mom is my inspiration…my encouragement…the reason I am the woman I am today. I As a single mother of three girls, she is the epitome of strength and most importantly….one POWERFUL praying woman.  I love her to pieces and she’s always pushed me towards my dreams. 



My sisters. Where do I begin? They drive me CRAZY!! Being the oldest of three girls… trust me when I say there was NEVER a dull moment in our house. We’ve fought, cried and laughed with each other and they truly make life worth living. They keep me on my toes, but man oh man do I LOVE THEM!!! There is absolutely NO LOVE like a Sister’s love and  I’m so proud of both of them. Yea, they’re pretty awesome.


Then there is the one who is not blood she is one of greatest people I know. Proverbs 27:17 talks about iron sharpening iron. When someone can, in love, tell you when you’re doing the most and honestly tell you how you can improve in life, you have a winner in your corner. You guys have seen Tam featured here, so there is no need for me to gush over her. But with her, I’ve learned the true meaning of sisterhood, friendship  and drive. She keeps me focused and for her being in my circle, I’m so grateful.


There are SO many other people and things I’m thankful for, but I promise if I keep going and going, I’ll write a four-page letter. In the midst of all of my friends and family…in the midst of all of the things I’m grateful to have, I’m especially thankful for this moment in my journey. God has taken my wildest dreams and placed them at my feet, allowing me to meet and capture the beauty of some of the most amazing people. Yes there are days where I complain and like everyone else I wish for more, but for me to be able spend my days behind my lens and experiencing the greatest peace I’ve ever experienced….well.. if that’s not worth being thankful for, I don’t know what is.

Have a HAPPY HAPPY Thanksgiving you guys!!