I've been keeping journals since I was in the 3rd grade and I'm so glad to share some of my most intimate life moments with you here!  Here, you'll find inspirational and encouraging stories of me and other broken people like me. We are all jars of clay who have been afflicted in every way, but not crushed...struck down by not destroyed.  Here, you do NOT have the right to remain silent, so as you read, grab your favorite snack and drink and leave a comment...share YOUR story. I can't wait to connect with you in this beautiful safe space. 

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Trusting God with the Pieces

Coming to a true place of surrender is a process. It’s not something that just happens overnight. And let me tell you this process is NOT easy. It’s a day by day…hour, by hour, minute by minute…shoot sometimes it’s a second by second process. Why? Because it’s a battle of the flesh. But let me tell you: it’s in the surrender that you really see God. My puzzle isn’t even closed to being finished. But just like my life, one day it will be. And when it is, I know it’ll be a beautiful masterpiece…all because I chose to surrender to the process.

May 5, 2023

A pile of Puzzle Pieces captured by Sachel Samone Photography

Clay Jar Convos, My Journey, My Sister's Keeper

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