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October 23, 2013


The most beautiful people in the world are those who have known defeat; those who have known suffering…struggle, loss…and have found their way out of the depths of hopelessness. Beautiful people don’t just happen. They are made up of compassion, understanding, appreciation, peace, love and joy.

Ms. Naomi is a beautiful person.

Ms. Naomi is a survivor.


In April 2006, Naomi found out she had Stage 3B Inflammatory Breast Cancer. She decided against chemo and seven years later, at age 78, she is continuing to enjoy life with her family.


Her favorite scripture is Psalms 23 and she says that along with her faith, her family keeps her going everyday. Her strength and more importantly her faith is so inspirational.  She doesn’t feel sorry for herself, but rather she finds a reason to smile and laugh. HOW AMAZING IS THAT?!?!


Watching her interact with her daughter Natalie and her grandchildren, Nicole and Leslie just warmed my heart!! It reminded me so much of the joy I share with my sisters and mom (or as I love to call them, my girlfriends)!!


Naomi just sparkles. Not only is she physically beautiful (seriously, have you looked at her eyes?!?), but her inner beauty is undeniable. She is a reminder to me to always appreciate life and when it tries to get you down, smile hard and pray harder.

Thank you Ms. Naomi for allowing me the honor of spending time with you and your girls. You have left an imprint on my heart.






  1. Ernestine Taylor says:

    I am so proud that this beautiful, phenomenal, Proverbs 31 woman is my sister and good friend. Thank you for sharing your story. I am sure that many other women will draw strength from your courage as a breast cancer survivor. love you Naomi

  2. Sheree Gatling-Alston says:

    I have never seen anything so beautifully amazing before in my life. I am so inspired by not only the photography but the story it told. I feel truly BLESSED because I know that this family wasn’t just a photo shoot but a REAL story. I know many of their family and the whole family consist of striving and positive loving people. These people are real )as beautiful as they are) and I am glad to know of them. Truly inspiring!!!!

  3. Terry Reid says:

    Absolutely Astonishing Story!!!! Ms. Naomi, may the Grace of God continue to Bless You!!! Your beautiful smile is so refreshing and makes others smile. Keep smiling and sharing your story!!!!

    Mrs. Terry Reid

  4. Christina Drake says:

    This is absolutely beautiful. And Yes! Ms. Naomi is a survivor AND an inspiration to many women. I am proud to call her my aunt and I am so proud of her story, testimony and journey. There have been many days that God has reminded me of what He can do by bringing her experience and triumph to my memory. Now, when I feel scared because of my family history and become to concerned with the probability of this effecting me, I think about aunt Nemie, her faith and godly walk and I have confirmation all over again that God is a healer. I am so grateful for this page and am excited to share with my sister-girls. I feel so blessed to be loved by my aunt Nemie. I am sending you love and a big hug from Alpharetta Georgia! Also the pictures are stunning! What a beautiful set of women! -Christina Drake

  5. Mother Naomi has always been a source of inspiration and I am glad she is still among the living! I love you Mother Naomi and I thank you for all of your love, support and words of wisdom that you have shared with me over the past 23 years. Keep on Keeping On!

  6. LaMarse A. Webb says:

    This tribute is so beautiful and befitting. Proof positive that Mother Naomi is blessed indeed!!! I’m looking forward to our next hug.