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Alaska Living, Life Behind My Lens

April 30, 2015


When I was

asked if I’d be interested in going up to Denali (or Mt. McKinley)’s base camp, I don’t even think I stopped to think about it. I mean seriously…what was there to think about?? Visiting the highest peak in North America and capturing it’s beauty?? Ummmm…yes please!!


I had no idea what to expect. All I knew was that I would be traveling by helicopter to the base camp, which is 7,200 feet up. When I got there, it was COLD. I was literally .25 seconds away from getting frost bite. But once I landed with the park rangers and other personnel, the sun came out. It was then…in that moment, it really hit me: I was at Denali. All of a sudden, me being cold didn’t even matter.

There I was…turning around 360 degrees and taking in views of mountains thousands of feet tall…covered with fresh blankets of snow and all I could say was “WOW.”



Standing 20,320 feet tall, you can’t help but feel small in it’s presence. Taking a moment to stop, pause and just take everything in, really reminds you how much of an adventure life really is. Just getting to the base camp was an experience for me and even when I got there, looking up, I can only imagine the adventure of reaching the top. There is no easy way to get there, but just like life, it’s all about the adventure and memories that happen along the way.

denali-national-park-us-army-national-park-service-alaska-sachel-samone-photographySachel Samone Photography2850



I still can’t believe this place is currently home for me. Each time I’ve visited I always felt like I could breathe better, I was more relaxed and I never wanted to leave. To wake up every morning to one of the most breathtaking views, knowing that I’m not leaving anytime soon, is so surreal. God is such an amazing artist.



I can’t wait to see what else this magical place has to offer!!