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October 8, 2013


After a shoot is complete, many may think that my work has ended and it’s on to the next session…next client.. next meeting. That is soooooo not true. In fact, after spending an afternoon with a beautiful woman or couple, my work really begins. As a photographer, one of the MAJOR things I deal with is the delivery of the final, edited product to you. Trust me, I love snail mail just as much as the next nostalgic, but when your precious moments are involved, having to deal with packaging, postage, and then praying it doesn’t get lost (which happens more often than you’d think), snail mail is just not something I trust.

While physical copies are still available, I began searching for an option to include that will combat some of these issues. I’m happy to report that I found the answer not too long ago, and it’s a STUNNING one at that.

Allow me to introduce you to PASS!


Living in a military area, many of us are away from our families and while distance keeps us apart, we love to send photos to our loved ones so that we feel connected.  Before Pass (or as I like to call it “BP”), you’d have to download all the images, pick the ones you want to send, and either order prints, or send digital files…such a hassle!!

Today we have turned over a new leaf and entered a brave new world!!

PASS eliminates most of the steps for you.  It allows you gorgeous girls to view, share, and order prints directly from their desktop or mobile device via a custom app! We’re talking having the capabilities to now VIEW your images from your iPhone or iPad (and any other smartphone/device) and share on your favorite social media network at the click of a button.  It even credits an image back to me automatically so you don’t have to worry about that either! How amazing is that!?!?

As someone who studied digital media in grad school,  I know the digital age we live in now is not going anywhere. It’s only growing and so we can either jump on board or get left behind.

I’ve chosen the latter.

PASS galleries will now be available in all  investment options (excluding mini sessions) for at least 30 days with an option to upgrade to the full PASS. Upgrading offers you the option of downloading of images and cloud storage to keep your photos safe and secure.

For those of you who for those of you still want a tangible item from your boudoir or love session, HAKUNA MATATA. Options are still available for you to purchase a little black book, canvas or professional prints until your beautiful heart is content.

I want you focusing on the loves of your lives…not stressing out because you want to send everyone pictures.

Still not completely sold on the idea of PASS? Take a look at this video and see if it changes your mind. It just might 🙂