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July 16, 2014


Okay, I’m a little new to this blogging thing, but as Sachel’s mother, I just had to get this out!!
Ethan is a very special young man whom I have had the complete honor of watching spiritually and physically grow up.  You see, Sachel and Ethan have known each other since the age of nine. They attended and grew up  in the same church, attended christian academy together, served in our church’s youth ministry and went on their first youth missionary trip to Nova Scotia, Canada together when they were teenagers. As I served as a youth leader in our church, I’ve literally watched him go from a boy to a man.
Ethan has always been fond of Sachel. From the moment he met her, he hit the ground running pursuing her. I still remember when, as a child, he told me he was going to marry my daughter.  I may have thought he was just talking back then, but now?? Now I am a full believer. As a little girl, Sachel was not “feeling” him. She’d run from him, wanting absolutely NOTHING to do with him. But, as time progressed and they matured, they both went to different colleges and kept in touch.  It’s funny how God moved next. Once they both graduated from college, Ethan joined the United States Air Force and unbeknownst to him, Sachel gained employment as a civilian journalist/photographer for the United Air Force. Talk about God’s paralleled paths of destiny in its rarest form.
About two weeks ago, I received an impressive and important phone call from my future son-in-law. We chatted for a while and with me and her two sisters on the phone, he asked the question we all have been waiting for:


 “May I have Sachel’s hand in marriage?”

OMG!!!! By now, I’m sure you all know my response:  “Of course you can!!!”

 I cried and cried and cried…..but most importantly, I was bursting with excitement!! I knew keeping this secret for two weeks was going to be such a struggle!
Fast forward to July. Ethan flew home from Alaska with one mission in his heart: to solidify his commitment to his found “good thing” & virtuous woman Sachel and ask her to become his wife. Sachel’s best friend and soror, Tammy, flew in from New York, which made it even more special. We were all hiding in bushes just to capture that moment live! Can you just imagine me, crouched in the bushes with my girls…on our knees  with the critters waiting to capture this moment?? But then, it finally happened!!!
Tamara Best sachel samone photography
When she said yes, we all jumped out screaming with tears, joy and excitement. In that moment, I could not have been more proud. Here are two young people I’ve seen grow together and in Christ committing to each other as adults in one of the most sacred ways. To witness, on our sorority’s 66th Boule Opening Day, Ethan surprising Sachel at Wing Haven Garden, getting down on one knee and popping the question was definitely something I as her mother will ever forget.
 As we all celebrated and joined hands, with Ethan and Sachel in the center, we prayed to God for His divine covering and blessings over this union to be.  Now, as the royal wedding plans begin and Prince Ethan & Princess Sachel prepare to enter into holy matrimony, I am SO filled with joy! I can’t believe MY FIRST BORN IS GETTING MARRIED!!  I am one proud Mother with thanksgiving in my heart. The prayers of this righteousness woman has availeth much!
Now…Let’s Celebrate!!!
Queen Bee and The God In Me
  1. How exciting and romantic! As a mother of three beautiful daughters- two of which are presently engaged – I can completely relate to the overwhelming joy that all of you are feeling right now. Congratulations to Sachel and Ethan and your families as they are united in the near future. May God bless this ordained union.

  2. Sharon Jason / Nanny says:

    Wow! How beautiful was that!! The story brought me to tears ,that is every little girl dream to have a handsome young man to get on one knee and ask for your hand in marriage , I’m so happy for you Sachel and Ethan to start your life long journey together. May God bless both of you and I know my sister is so proud and so am I.oxoxoxoxox

  3. James and Shaharriet Houchins says:

    What an awesome story of God’s power and presence in our lives! Your story is the one EVERY MOTHER wishes for her daughter! Marriage is God’s gift to us. It was His idea that we would not be alone. Ethan and Sachel have valued their gift of each other though many years.
    Among all the gifts that God has given me, I can say without reservations that the greatest gift that God has given me, is my husband and my marriage. It has given me a unique competitive advantage as I strive to fulfill God’s plan for my life .

    Ethan following God’s plan embraced biblical scripture.Realizing It was not man’s idea that he would have a wife, it was God’s idea. God’s gift to Adam was to pull out of his rib a woman that would become a lifetime companion for him, and together they would be fruitful, multiply and fill the earth. To that gift Adam responded with excitement, “Woooo-man!” The gift was beautiful, sexy, elegant, curvy, gentle and smart. With her he could do things he could not do with animals or even with God. He was excited! (Genesis 2:18-25) Ethan Sachel is your rib and you are her body. Marriage, creates the perfect reflection of the image and likeness of God.

    Our prayer for you as you journey to seal your Marriage is that God will give you both the grace to embrace the gift that He gave you in the form of each other and allow you both to share the journey with each other as you together carry out God’s plan for your lives. We are here in Alaska waiting to welcome you and support you as USAF Retiree’s , friends, and family! History is on our side Sachel. My Mother Viola and Your Grandma Kitty grew up together. Terry and I grew up together. James and I met you as a very small child and now God has brought s full circle all the way in Alaska! God knew this long before we did! Many Blessings!

  4. Sierra Renee says:

    What a beautiful story! Ethan and Sachel are such a beautiful couple inside and out!