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December 28, 2015


I can’t believe

that 2015 is almost over! It seriously feels like it just began!! The last few days of the year are often my favorite because I’m able to really sit and reflect on all that God has allowed me to accomplish this year! Even when I feel like I didn’t do nearly as much as I wanted to or wasn’t as successful as I would have hoped, looking back over my favorite images of the year overwhelms me with peace and gives me such a heart of gratefulness.

If I am incredibly honest, I am SO proud of myself!! When I look through these images, I see so much growth in myself, so much adventure and a more defined style. Not being afraid to say no to every session that came my way gave me the chance to really focus on who I am as a photographer and capture the magic I really wanted to. I seriously don’t think I could have asked for a more beautiful year of portraits. These moments in time were incredible and I cherish my time with every single woman and couple I had the honor of photographing this year!! Ok, ok…enough talking! Enjoy this beautiful recap of an incredible year of portraits!!!

port-warwick-snow-portraits-sachel-samone-photography-anchorage-alaska-georgia-virginia-portrait-destination-wedding-photographer_0831fort-monroe-ft.-monroe-hampton-virginia-staysi-phebe-fung-fook-blunt-sachel-samone-photography-womens-portrait-wedding-photographer-alaska-destination (2 of 2)Sachel Samone Photographysachel-samone-photography-anchorage-alaska-georgia-virginia-portrait-destination-wedding-photographer_0851 sachel-samone-photography-anchorage-alaska-georgia-virginia-portrait-destination-wedding-photographer_0891sachel-samone-photography-downtown-chicago-engagement-session-brian-alexis-level-alaska-wedding-photographerSachel Samone Photography5305sachel-samone-photography-downtown-chicago-engagement-session-brian-alexis-level-alaska-wedding-photographerSachel Samone Photography5180-3pippin-hill-vineyard-virginia-sachel-samone-molly-fuhs-portrait-photographer-destination-alaska-sachel-samone-photographySachel Samone Photography8248sachel-samone-photography-wichita-kansas-bradley-fair-engagements-jasmine-and-noah-portrait-love-wedding-photographerSachel Samone Photography7296Kincaid Park Portraits | Anchorage Alaska | Shyanne Mychael MacAlpine Switzer | Sachel Samone Photography | Women's Portrait and Wedding PhotographerSachel Samone Photography0795-2sachel-samone-photography-cameron-family-session-jber-anchorage-alaska-couple-love-wedding-photographerSachel Samone Photography6748IMG_2613.JPG

sachel-samone-women-portraits-glamour-beauty-women-anchorage-virginia-portrait-photographer-destination-alaska-sachel-samone-photographySachel Samone Photography8768Fairbanks Portrait Photographer | Sachel Samone Photography

Miss-Alaska-Anchorage-Alaska-Portrait-Photographer-Sachel-Samone-Photography-Womens-Portrait-and-Wedding-PhotographerSachel-Samone-Photography9866-2-1020x600_cEach one of these women…every single one of these couples enriched my lives in ways I simply can’t put into words and for each and every one of them am I eternally grateful for. They along with countless others made 2015 such a memorable one and I can’t WAIT to see what 2016 brings!!!

NPL | Miss Alaska | Anchorage Alaska Portrait Photographer | Sachel Samone Photography | Women's Portrait and Wedding PhotographerSachel Samone Photography9850

Stay tuned for my Best Wedding Moments of 2015 blog coming up later this week!

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