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September 30, 2016


I don’t know if it’s the hormones, the sadness or the excitement, but I’m definitely feeling a little emotional as I write this blog post. It’s a bittersweet one to right, but oh well…here it goes! We’re moving!! Ethan and I have been casually mentioning this for a couple of weeks now, but now, it’s totally happening! And I can say that with certainty because in a few days,the house will be empty and our car will be shipped!

Being a military family, we knew we wouldn’t stay in Alaska forever. Moving every couple of years comes with the territory and while it’s super fun to live in so many exciting places, Alaska will always have a special place in my heart. Not only is there where Ethan and I eloped, but this is Teddy’s first home and where we found out our family was expanding! This was the place where Ethan and I made our first home together as husband and wife. MAN I sure am going to miss it! Who would have thought that a Southern girl….a girl who LOVES heat and grew up in the city would love this outdoors-y place with amazing views, cooler temperatures and killer northern lights experiences? Alaska, for SO many different reasons, will forever be one of my favorite places on earth. But it’s time to move and I’m excited for this new chapter!

So where are we moving to now? We’re going BACK TO THE EAST COAST! To Emerald Coast, Florida to be exact! I lived there a few years ago, so I’m so happy to go back and reunite with my old friends and make some new ones. Living closer to our close friends and family is definitely a plus, but most of all, I’m excited to be an official beach girl again! Sea salt in my hair…sands between my toes…sun shining on my skin…I can feel taste it already! There is NO place like I’m excited to build a home in this beautiful place this time with a husband, a dog and our new baby!

Leaving Alaska is going to be tough, but I know we’ll definitely be back. There’s still so much I didn’t get to do!

Here’s to night walks on the boardwalk with the my guys, lunch at the Crab Trap, shopping small, kayaking the Destin Harbor, watching warm sunrises on the oceanfront and beautiful sunsets on Okaloosa Island and SO many more adventures on the Emerald Coast. ?


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