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2016: Let's Do This, Encouragement, Faith, Life Behind My Lens, SachelSamone Photography

May 10, 2016



I can’t believe it’s May already! Geez…where has the time gone?!?

With 2016 speeding by, I’ve been taking a lot of time to look back on the year so far and reflect…taking time to relive some of the great moments and even some of the bad moments.  Don’t get me wrong, so far my year was fantastic, but it hasn’t been all rainbows and butterflies. There have been times where I’ve cried, times I have felt like a failure…times where I’ve felt like I’m simply not doing enough….not doing enough as a wife and as a business owner. I hold myself to such a high standard and just like some of you, there are times where I fall short of the expectations I have set for myself. So while some of you may be having the perfect year so far, this post is specifically for those who may have had a less than perfect 2016. So let’s just get to it:

So you had a rough year huh? You feel like you’ve had more valleys than peaks??? May I suggest something? Do NOT, under ANY circumstances, let the dark clouds you walked under throughout the year undermine the moments you stood in the sunshine. As painful as some of the moments may have been, here we are halfway through 2016…and you are still standing. You are stronger than you ever been, wiser than you could ever imagine and your light is shining brighter than ever. Take a moment to celebrate that. TAKE A MOMENT TO CELEBRATE YOU.


Sometimes you may have felt like you hit rock bottom, but no matter what you endured this year, God has been with you every single step of the way. It could have been A LOT worse, but God protected you. Thank Him for that.

So far, this year may have been tough, but with everyday…with every new choice, comes a fresh slate..a new season and a new day. God has so many more blessings waiting for you and I for one can’t wait to see how many times He blesses you throughout the rest of this year.


So c’mon now….hold your head up high. YOU TOTALLY GOT THIS.

Your year is not over yet. Cheers to new chapters, better memories and more moments of standing in the sunshine. 🙂

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