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2016: Let's Do This, Encouragement, Faith, Marriage Mondays, TeamHarris

March 14, 2016



Marriage is a beautiful thing. Seriously, it’s one of the most fun, yet challenging adventures I’ve ever experienced in my life and being a wife?? haha…it’s very…eye-opening to say the least.

In our almost two years of marriage, I have learned things about myself that have shocked the HECK out of me. I’ve learned things about Ethan that singlehandedly made me master the art of the side-eye. Although we have known each other for more than 2 decades, marriage has opened our eyes and allowed us to see layers of each other that weren’t visible before. We have fought like cats & dogs, laughed uncontrollably until our stomachs hurt, disappointed each other, loved each other unconditionally, challenged and grown with each other and even wondered “WHY THE HECK DID I GET MARRIED?” It’s a real emotional rollercoaster. But it’s the ride of my life…one that I would never ever ever EVER want to get off of.

There have been times where I thought to myself “pssh..I totally got this wife thing down,” and then other times I’ve failed miserably and screamed “I don’t got this.” Because of those experiences, I really wanted to share my thoughts with you all. I wanted to start a new series called Marriage Mondays that would allow me to organize my thoughts, generate discussion and remind you that you are not alone in your struggles. While it will talk about many things I’ve learned and experienced since being married, it’s not just for married folk. I’m no marriage expert, but I can say with certainty that being married hasn’t just made me stronger wife. It’s made me stronger woman, sister, friend, creative and entrepreneur and my hope and prayer is that no matter what season you are in your life, this series will encourages you to be great.

I do have a few topics already cued up, but I’d love to hear from you! Again, it doesn’t matter if you’re married or not…I STILL want to hear from you!

What are some things you’d like to read about in this series? Again, it doesn’t matter if you’re married, soon to be married or 1000% #TeamSingle, I want us all to be encouraged through this series! If you have anything that you’d like to see me write about, let me know! It’s about to get real. 🙂



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