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July 30, 2014


As a photographer, one of the first things people asked me was:

“Are you going to shoot your own wedding?”

Yes, I’m addicted to my camera, but NO, I will not be shooting my own wedding. As a matter of fact, I’m pretty sure between my mom, Ethan and Tammy, my camera will be locked away somewhere and they won’t tell me where it is until the next day. But of course, finding a photographer was the immediately one of first the things I thought about. Just like my clients, as a future bride, there are certain things I look for when I’m selecting a photographer. Yes composition and use of light is important, as well as a clear understanding of other basics, but two of the things that’s most important to me?

Trust and Emotion.

In order for a client to receive the very best of me, they have to trust me. When trust is shared between a woman or couple that I’m photographing and me, there is a certain level of freedom that begins to shine through. With trust comes fearlessness, vulnerability and pure, 100% raw emotion and in those moments, their true beauty and strength comes to the forefront so beautifully. So of course, with those being the type of images I love to capture, naturally I want the same in my images on our big day!

I am so fortunate to have met so many talented photographers! Some have become dear friends of mine, but when it comes to who I trust the most to capture Ethan and I and our journey to #TeamHarris, picking a photographer was a no brainer for me. Since beginning to work with Amanda at weddings last year and attending her workshops and mentoring sessions, I’ve learned so much.

Not only have I learned things that have helped me breathe so much life into Sachel Samone Photography, but I’ve learned and come to appreciate her work ethic, passion for others and giving of herself freely. There are many other photographers whose work I admire, but Amanda is one I trust wholeheartedly. I know with her capturing our complete journey, I can relax and not run around like a crazy woman looking for my camera.

Ethan and I had scheduled a session with Amanda months ago. We wanted some updated images of us. Little did I know it would become an engagement session, but in Kitty Hawk, N.C. (also known as “A little slice of Heaven”), she captured us perfectly. We had SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many favorites, but here are a just a few:   sachel-ethan-engaged-2   sachel-ethan-engaged-29sachel-ethan-engaged-27 sachel-ethan-engaged-11 sachel-ethan-engaged-23sachel-ethan-engaged-72 sachel-ethan-engaged-65sachel-ethan-engaged-47sachel-ethan-engaged-52sachel-ethan-engaged-79sachel-ethan-engaged-41sachel-ethan-engaged-77 sachel-ethan-engaged-95sachel-ethan-engaged-85sachel-ethan-engaged-98 sachel-ethan-engaged-110sachel-ethan-engaged-135sachel-ethan-engaged-127sachel-ethan-engaged-130sachel-ethan-engaged-136sachel-ethan-engaged-121sachel-ethan-engaged-116sachel-ethan-engaged-123   Amanda, thank you SOOOOOOOOO much for capturing us!! We can’t wait for our special day with you!!! sachel-ethan-engaged-111


Sachel + Ethan

  1. Terry Reid says:

    Okay, Team Harris, it’s on!!! The Royal Planning is officially in full force!!! Queen Bee is in position to “Buzz” all who enters the path of this amazing ordained couple’s journey through time!!! Love ya!!!

    Queen Bee & The God In Me

  2. Nich says:

    These photos are amazing! The joy you bring to one another is written on your faces. Congratulations again!

  3. Felicia Hylton says:

    AHHHHHH!!!!!! These are absolutely stunning! She is going to do a PHENOMENAL job on your wedding photos!!

  4. Team Houchins says:

    The Alaska Team is ready to get this wedding planned and throw the Alaskan Party for the Harris’!! Well Wishes!

  5. Gail Gray Smith says:

    Beautiful…Congratulations and May God shower His everlasting Blessings among you two, such a beautiful Couple.