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December 8, 2014


Anyone who knows me…I mean REALLY knows me, knows I LOVE jazz music. At any given moment, the sounds of all kinds of jazz music can be heard throughout my home, car  or office.

When I first heard Katelyn and her husband Michael talking about Jazz Nativity on Facebook (gotta love the power of social media right??), my interest was immediately peaked. Christmas music mixed with jazz music?? Played and sang LIVE by musicians and singers?! Ummmmm….SIGN ME UP. PLEASE AND THANK YOU.


And it wasn’t just the music that encouraged me to go. It was knowing that if I went, I’d also be giving back during this holiday season to a really special organization. All the proceeds from the 11th annual event benefits the Feed My Starving Children organization, a non-profit Christian organization committed to feeding God’s children hungry in body and spirit.


Once the show started, I was blown away. Between the senior pastor, the youth pastor, the youth of the church and Mr. David Esleck himself (who I LOVE!)…there is SOOOOOO much talent in this ONE church. I have to say I was extra excited to see Katelyn perform. I’ve never heard her sing before, so I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Chiiiiillllle listen…..I gotta tell you: THIS WOMAN HAS A SET OF PIPES ON HER!! I was completely in the zone of the music, with my eyes closed when I heard this beautiful, soulful sound and when I opened my eyes and saw that sound was coming out of her mouth, my jaw hit the floor! Not only is she an AHHHHHHMAZING photographer, but Katelyn can sing too?! Yes! Katelyn can’t just sing. Katelyn can SAAAAAAAANNNNG!!! My goodness, she’s a powerhouse. Everyone who hit the stage, whether to sing or play an instrument was not only incredible, but I could tell they genuinely loved being a part of this production and that’s what made this event so special to me. There was a lot of joy floating around in that room and I was so glad to experience it.



I managed to take a few photos, but I must say, quite honestly, I was more concerned about being present. As a photographer, I naturally want to document special moments, but in doing so, I sometimes fail to truly enjoy them. So after a few clicks, I put the camera down and just soaked it all in. And I must say:




Michael and Katelyn, thank you SO much for spreading the word and inviting me to Jazz Nativity 2014! It took me FOREVER to get there, but it was definitely worth the trip!! As usual, it’s wonderful to see you guys and I really really REALLY enjoyed myself. 🙂