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April 7, 2014


Growing up, my mom always emphasized the importance of giving back. She taught my sisters and I to not show pity, but to always show love to everyone.

I haven’t volunteered in a while, but all that changed really quickly.

Earlier this week, I along with my girlfriend Candice volunteered at the Peninsula Rescue Mission in Newport News and OH.MY. GOSH. It was AMAZING.


Peninsula Rescue Mission, an organization that’s  been around since 1966, has set out to do one thing: Share the love of Christ with all who come through their doors. By rescuing them physically, they pray for an open door and an open heart to introduce them to the Savior! That gets me SO excited!!


I had the honor of praying over them and saying grace before serving dinner. For me to be so little and stand in a room full of men to pray…I was nervous at first, but if there’s nothing I know how to do is, it’s pray and once I opened up my mouth and said “Dear Heavenly Father,” I felt so much peace in overcome me and fill the room.


We served meals to about 30 men and to see them smiling and laughing, to hear them say thank you for something as simple as serving dinner, just…it truly moved me. It’s amazing how something so simple as serving food to others can not only make their night, but make mine. To sit and talk with them and listen to their stories reminded me to never take anything for granted.

I’ll definitely be going back. I went to give to them and in return, they gave something to me, I didn’t expect to receive: joy. 

As I continue to keep my chalkboard in mind and ensuring my life is proof of His love, I valued my time there so much. It opened my mind up to so many possibilities in how I can use the talent God has given me to give back to His people and show them His love.




To find out more about the Peninsula Rescue Mission and how you can get involved, check out their website here.