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October 8, 2014


As young women in our mid to late 20s, when that marriage and biological clock begins to tick SUPER loud, it’s easy to NOT appreciate where you’re at in life. When it seems that everyone around you is either getting engaged, married or having babies, it’s hard to not ask “When will it be my turn?”

To that I say this:


I often tell Ethan that as hurt as I was in 2009, with all the tears I cried, him breaking up with me was one the greatest gifts he has ever given me. The past several years have been ones of self-discovery and growing pains. I’ve spent a lot of time dating God…strengthening my relationship with Him and in that, I’ve done one of the best possible things I could have ever done for myself: I’ve become aware of me. Not just of who I am on the surface, but who I REALLY am…when no one is around and it’s just me, myself and I.


Me being alone and learning who I am, traveling the world with my best friend, getting closer and closer to God was just what I needed to prepare me for this new chapter. I’ve come to peace with my past hurts and learned truths about myself I never knew existed. I’ve taken a long hard look in the mirror and finally…I LOVE the woman staring back at me.

I have known Ethan for almost 20 years now (Gosh that just looks crazy written down!!) and yet, everything that we’ve been through, both as individuals and together, is what has made us the people we are today; the people who are ready to accept the responsibility that comes from being the kind of husband and wife described in the Bible. We needed the time apart to really grow and focus on ourselves. Enjoying the season you’re in right now, without anticipation to get to the next season or hesitation of your self worth and confidence is actually crucial to you enjoying the next season. If I was so eager to get married, there’s no way in HECK I would still be married. My life was slightly a hot mess and had I become a wife before my time…out of season…honey listen..I’m pretty sure I’d be divorced by now.


Five years ago wasn’t the right time, because we both needed more time for God to mold us. Two years ago…heck even last year I wasn’t ready to become someone’s wife.  But everything I’ve learned about myself over the past five years, especially my time here in Virginia, away from my comfort zone, has prepared me for this very moment and given me the confidence to boldly embark on this new journey.

If it’s one thing I’ve learned from talking to women who have been happily married for decades, it’s this: becoming a wife isn’t something that just happens over night. And though I’m not a wife yet, that’s a lesson that I believe wholeheartedly.  It’s definitely taken me some time and to be honest, I know I’m not fully prepared for what may come.  But if it’s one thing I do know, I know that I’m so so so SO grateful for the time I spent alone. I feel stronger, wiser and more spiritually sound. This new season I’m about to walk into?

I may not know what will happen in it, but I know this:

I’m ready. 🙂