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March 1, 2018


It’s no secret the Emerald Coast is known for its beautiful beaches. But what about its beautiful people?

As I spend more and more time here, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting amazing people with incredible stories and it’s an honor to tell their stories. That is why I am incredibly excited to announce that I am the official Emerald Coast Beauty Revived photographer and we are gearing up for one of my favorite campaigns: The 2018 Beauty Revived’s 50 Most Beautiful Mothers Campaign!

I last participated in this campaign in 2016 and through that experience, I met Ms. Doneen. This radiant mother of two stole my heart as she shared with me her story of losing her husband to cancer and how she learned to move on. I love even more that since her session, she’s become a friend…someone I regularly check on and celebrate life with. Now that I have become a mother, this year’s session even more special to me.

Mother's Day Portraits | Mrs. Doneen Griggs | Sachel Samone Photography | Alaska Portrait Photographer

I’m so grateful for Ms. Doneen! Isn’t she stunning!?!

The beauty of my Emerald Coast mother will not be measured by her waist size or flare for fashion.  She will be chosen because of her real beauty, her confidence, joy, grace, and wisdom. The winner will be gifted a portrait session with me and will be featured in the Mother’s Day issue of Beauty Revived magazine.

So go ahead, think of the most “beautiful” mother you know. I’m talking really beautiful. Not just beautiful on the outside but absolutely GORGEOUS on the inside.

I would like to meet her.

I will be accepting nominations BEGINNING TODAY!! You can nominate your mom here through March 10. 

The Emerald Coast is such a beautiful place, filled with so many beautiful women and while I can’t photograph every single beautiful mother, through this portrait session, I look forward to capturing the spirit of all women. I am so excited to tell the amazing story of not just one mother, but all mothers.

As many of you know, moms are sort of my jam. Even before I became one, I admired everything about them and that’s because my own mother is one of the MAIN reasons Sachel Samone Photography is what it is today.

My mommy is BEAUTIFUL. She is smart, funny and even in her SUUUUUUPER corny moments, she is MAGNIFICENT. She’s a football fanatic, an amazing example of what a woman of God should be, and an all-around petite powerhouse. Now a grandmother, she is fully enjoying this season of her life. She, in her own right, is a glorious force of nature…radiant and joyful.

When she turned 50, I was looking through a scrapbook of mine and saw so many images of her. She was beautiful in each image, but I soon realized that NONE of the images really captured my mom’s spirit, her zest for life…her compassion, joy and sense of adventure. So, I picked up my camera and made it my mission to capture it…not just that year…but every year after. Since then, my passion for mothers, grandmothers, and generations turned into a fire that has never dimmed.


There’s something incredibly special about capturing a mother’s love…a mother’s wisdom and her spirit. I never really appreciated it as a kid…and DEFINITELY not as a teenager, but as an adult, my love and respect for my mom and moms everywhere have ascended to heights I didn’t even know existed.


Almost always, mothers are the ones taking pictures of their children, husband and other family members on their cell phones. But almost never do they think to take pictures of themselves, by themselves. They’re so loving in their very nature that they are so busy celebrating us kids or friends, that they never take the time to celebrate themselves. That’s what Beauty Revived is all about! I joined this campaign because I believe it’s time for mothers and all of their hard work for their families and communities deserve to be recognized and celebrated.

I believe it’s time for mothers to exist in photographs.

Burton-Jackson Mother Daughter PortraitsIf you’re a mom or know a mom on the Emerald Coast who you feel is deserving of this incredible celebration, please nominate her here!! The selected mom will be notified March 15th!

This is such an incredible campaign and I can’t WAIT to hear all about your beautiful mama!!!

xoxoxo, Sachel Blog Post Signature