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June 30, 2014


You know…it’s really amazing what I can do with God. ūüôā

This weekend, I took a lot of time to clean off my to-do-list. With so many shoots happening lately and me running in every direction possible, I haven’t had much time to tend to my normal duties. ¬†Multiple sessions to edit ¬†(YAY!!!)¬†¬†and piles of laundry to wash (BOO!!) were just a few things on the list and did I mention I needed to get it all done within a very short amount of time? Yea…to say I was overwhelmed wasn’t even the tip of the emotional iceberg I was heading for.

But you know what?

All I kept hearing within myself and repeating out loud to myself and was “I will get this done. You can get this done.”

And so…with a little determination, I was able to cross off everything on my to-do-list…ahead of schedule.

Waking up this morning and walking around my super clean home after getting my sessions out the door, I felt so…accomplished. You know what I mean? Even as I’m sitting here writing this blog, I feel the need to celebrate. ¬†It’s the best feeling in the world to know that I’ve accomplished the goals set before me.

That to me is what determination is all about.

It’s the willpower to never give up on something because you feel overwhelmed. It’s the act of intently staying focused on your purpose and constantly pushing forward. It’s persistence. Perseverance. The strength to tune out the noise and hear only the voice of God cheering you on towards the finish line.

There are days where I honestly have NO idea how I get stuff done. On those days, everything quite honestly feels like a blur. However, the simple acts of setting small goals to achieve one big one, reminded me that: 1. I really can do all things through Christ who strengthens me and 2. There is so much I can accomplish when I’m focused and determined to do it.

The same goes for you.


I truly believe God has such big plans for all of us and once we realize what He has created us to do, our minds will be BLOWN. But in order for us to get there, we have to be determined to hear His voice. We have to be open and willingly be determined to move where He wants us to go..even if we don’t understand the process. For me, sometimes this is easier said than done. There are times where it just gets really hard. Balancing everything in my life can sometimes be exhausting. Pursuing things I really don’t feel like pursuing can sometimes make it hard to be obedient.¬†But I’m learning that in those moments, ¬†determination is the most important for me. If I lose determination, I lose drive. I lose drive, I lose desire. If I lose desire, I become stubborn. When I become stubborn, I’m more prone to being disobedient and when I’m disobedient, I waste myself and my potential.¬†The same could go for you. Being determined isn’t always easy, but it’s ALWAYS necessary.

This week, I want us all to be really determined. I want us all to not only BE really determined, but STAY really determined to reach our goals. I’m sure stuff is going to pop up over the next few days, but I will be determined to not get worked up and begin to feel overwhelmed. I’m sure I may have a negative experience or frustration this week, but you know what? I’m determined to not let it ruin my week. I’m determined to have a GREAT week.

What are you determined to do this week?

Whatever it is, don’t let anything or anyone deter you.

God has great plans for you. I encourage you to receive them by faith and be DETERMINED to go after them with ALL your heart.

Have a great week lovelies.