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August 3, 2017


Dear J’Aiden,

I can’t believe you’re 7 months today! Between your multiple road trips, you taking your first flight and starting solids, you had quite the adventurous 6th month! I don’t know why it seems as if time is flying. Perhaps it’s because…well it is.

Dear J'Aiden | 7 Month Installment | Sachel Samone Photography

I know you can’t read this yet (though at the rate you’re going, you’ll be reading soon), but when you do get old enough to read this, I hope you can feel the joy and love I have for you. Seeing your face inspires me so much! It’s funny…I’m YOUR mommy, yet you are teaching me! I’ve learned so much about patience, communication and learning to let go. Now that last one isn’t exactly the easiest thing for your mommy to learn, but thankfully you and daddy have been showing me a lot of grace in that department.

I admit that I haven’t been giving myself as much grace as I probably should…like when you’re screaming at the top of your lungs and I have NO idea why or how to fix it and I just want to give up because I feel like I’m failing you…or when I feel defeated because the house isn’t clean, there are dirty dishes in the sink and I’m still learning how to balance being a wife and mom while rebuilding a business. It’s hard. And I know I’m not perfect, but darnit, I sure do try to be…not just for you, but for daddy too. J’Aiden, I know it may sound crazy, but I’m only hard on myself because I want to make sure I’m giving you the very best of me. That’s what you deserve. That’s what you all deserve.

Even though you’re still waking up to nurse during the night,  I am SUUUUUPER grateful that you are sleeping for longer stretches. I thought I knew the definition of sleep deprivation before you came along….BOY was I WRONG!!  Breastfeeding is definitely a full-time job, but I am thoroughly enjoying those moments together. I never thought I’d love breastfeeding so much, but I really REALLY do. The way you look up at me…the sense of pride I feel knowing that I’m helping nourish you…I know these moments will go by so fast, so believe me when I say I’m savoring this moment like no other.

J’Aiden, it’s my prayer that God continues to use you to bring joy and love into the lives of everyone you meet. You may not know it yet, but your smile is contagious, your will is strong and your laugh…your laugh is SO powerful. Your spirit is the purest reflection of God’s heart that I’ve ever seen…no wonder you are so loved!!

Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you and can’t wait to see what adventures this 7th month brings. You are SO cool beyond your years and we absolutely ADORE you!????


Love Mommy