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For the second day in a row, snow is falling outside my window. Considering how beautiful and warm the weather has been for the past week or so, this snow is probably THE most random snow I’ve seen. I mean…it was just sunny and in the 40s last week! Coming from the south, I know that sounds crazy, but you’d be surprised how warm it actually is here in the 40s. You can actually get away without wearing a coat in those kind of temperatures. As I continuously stare out the window, I can’t help but think how unpredictable the weather is here and how unpredictable life can be in general.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve become more and more okay with admitting that in certain parts of my life, I like to be in control. While in my personal life, I tend to be more inclined to go with the flow, when it comes to my business….I plan when I’m actually going to sit down and plan. I seriously SWEAR by my planner. I have a system and a certain way of how I want things to turn out. But what happens when they don’t turn out the way I want them to? Am I going to sit and pout or am I going to go with the flow and dance in the snow?Kincaid Park SNOW Portraits | Anchorage Alaska | Shyanne Mychael MacAlpine Switzer | Sachel Samone Photography | Women's Portrait and Wedding PhotographerSachel Samone Photography

The truth is,  life is always going to throw you curveballs. It doesn’t matter if you’re a creative, business owner, stay-at-home mom, student, teacher, top executive or enjoying your retirement. Nothing is ever going to go 100% according to plan. Life can be SO random and unexpected things can hit you like a ton of bricks. But even in the midst of that I have to say, like the snow coming down harder and harder outside my window, sometimes the most random thing can be the most beautiful.

Some of you will never believe that you can handle the curveballs. Some of you may think you aren’t strong enough to handle it. But the truth is you can, you are and you will. I believe that none of us are given more than we can bear and what doesn’t kill us only make us stronger. So look at yourself in the mirror. See that person staring back at you? They ARE strong enough to handle the curveballs. BELIEVE IT.

So when life throws something unexpected your way…when your glorious sunny days turn cloudy and snowy, instead of allowing your stress levels to go through the roof, get up, go outside and dance in the snow. It may be random…but I have no doubt in my mind that the end result will be beautiful. 🙂

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