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August 18, 2014


Connect. Learn. Inspire. Create.

For a few days in Alexandria, that is EXACTLY what I did and it was AHHHHHHMAZING!!

CLIC Conference Alexandria Va Sachel Samone Photography

It’s no secret that everything about photography excites me. I love learning about it, challenging myself to go beyond my limits within it and creating images that evoke emotion in others. I first heard about the CLIC conference a few months back and although I had no idea what to expect, from the moment I received my registration confirmation, I had been counting down the days until it started.

My only goal going into this conference was to come out learning something I didn’t know before and MAN did that happen!! Inside of the gorgeous Athenaeum Museum, I learned from some of the brightest in the business. From Kelly to Rachel to Amanda to Kaitlin to… Katelyn, my brain is STILL spinning from all the knowledge I soaked up!! I love how the intimate setting created an environment where questions and knowledge flowed freely and new friendships were formed. It really felt like home to me.

Katelyn James

The thing I loved most about this conference was that I didn’t feel like a number. As a photographer, there are SO many well-known conferences that we’re encouraged to attend and while we will learn a lot, it’s easy to get to lost in the crowd. CLIC allowed me to be seen. It allowed us all to be heard and truly learn from each other in a space free of fear. Not to mention I FINALLY got to meet Bokeh!!!

CLIC Conference Alexandria Va Sachel Samone Photography

I honestly couldn’t think of a better name for this conference. Connecting with so many beautiful and passionate souls while learning from those I’ve admired left me inspired beyond my wildest dreams to go forth and create something magically beautiful.


Our two-day conference ended with a GORGEOUS styled shoot, but you know what? You’re just going to have to stay tuned to see more from that…. 🙂

If you’re a photographer and you’ve been thinking about going to this conference, I just have one question:

WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! Find out more about CLIC Charleston here!! 



Sachel Samone Katelyn James Amanda Hedgepeth Bokeh the Bichpoo