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One of the exercises I often do within my Lara Casey Powersheets is a brain dump. The idea behind it is to free your mind from all the clutter that keeps you from focusing on the things that matter. I set my timer for 10-15 minutes and just write any and everything that comes to mind. Sometimes, things come out that I didn’t even know I was thinking and as shocked as I may be for a few minutes, once I’m done with the brain dump, I feel so much better.

So, in light of it being Monday and wanting to start this week off on a good note, here is some of the junk floating around in my head:

  • Ethan drives me BONKERS sometimes. This morning, I really just wanted to lay hands on him in the name of Jesus. But hey…that’s marriage.
  • I’m hungry.
  • These HoneyCombs are so good. When they’re all gone, I will be sad.
  • I know I have to drink this water because it’s good for me, but I’d much rather have a few glasses of Berry Punch. I mean…it does have berries in it. Doesn’t that mean it’s just as healthy?
  • It doesn’t matter. Today is National Margarita Day and I will have one. I’ve already decided: it’s MUCH needed.
  • Ms. Virginia McLaurin is 106 and is 100% turnt in the White House. I want to be like her when I grow up.
  • I want to photograph a woman on a glacier. How can I make this happen?
  • Everyday, I say a prayer for the children we hope to have in the future.
  • I like to write things on my to-do list after I’ve already done them just to have the satisfaction of crossing them off.
  • I’m currently wearing my running gear underneath clothes in hopes that it encourages me to actually go running today. Truth be told…I don’t think it will. But hey, I’m optimistic.
  • I wonder how high school is treating my baby sister. It was such an awkward phase of my life.
  • Sometimes I wish I could go back to the days where naptime was actually a mandatory part of my day.
  • I’m learning how to sit and accept that life might not go as planned, but enjoying the process is just as important as enjoying the outcome.
  • Learning to be content is probably one of the most challenging, yet rewarding lessons I’ve ever learned.
  • Teddy is so darn dramatic. I wonder where he gets that from? And SPEAKING OF TEDDY…
  • I still can’t believe Teddy chewed and ruined one of my favorite pair of Steve Madden heels. He better be grateful for the Spirit of the Lord. Jesus saved him.
  • Maintaining natural hair is TOUGH and finding a hair stylist here in Anchorage has been the epitome of struggle. I’m so glad Zae told me about Ms. Diana. Lord knows if she hadn’t given my my Senegalese twists, I probably would have cut all my hair off.
  • I haven’t always been the nicest person and there is no excuse for it. But holding on to that guilt isn’t healthy. Forgiving yourself is just as important as forgiving others.
  • Sometimes I wish I could just turn my brain off and not think about anything. Like truly, just stare into space and think of nothing…I envy people who can do that.
  • I wonder if there is an NCIS marathon happening today. I’m slightly obsessed with that show.
  • I’m probably the only person in Alaska whose actually sad we didn’t get snow this winter. I WANT MORE SNOW.
  • This weekend, I saw two fashion trends that are coming back around: jelly sandals and velcro straps. Both need to stay in the 90s where we left them.
  • Race and Risen were both really good movies.
  • Comparing yourself to others is such a trap. If you’re busy glancing to the left and right, jealous of someone else’s plan, you’re going to miss the perfect one God has designed for you. Be still. Rest.

Anchorage Alaska Sunrise | Sachel Samone Photography | Nature_0000

I’m so grateful for this beautiful Alaskan sunrise. With it, comes a breath of fresh air and hope.

Guys, brain dumps are so darn therapeutic. I encourage you to give them a try. You never know where it will lead you.

Happy Monday!!

Sachel Samone Photography | Alaska Glamour and Elopement Photographer | www.sachelsamone.com