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Life Behind My Lens

August 19, 2013

A Letter to Photography


Dear Photography,

Though I show my love and appreciation to you everyday, today the world recognizes you. In honor of you, I decided to take a minute to write  to you…the love of my life.

I remember the first time we met. In the form of a box, I picked up the Polaroid Sun 660 and from the moment the film shot out the front, I was hooked. 

You are wonderful language. Like music, you’re something that is understood around the world. You know no boundaries and have the power to evoke emotion. You are beautiful.

I love that you give me a different perspective of the world. Through my lens, I am reminded just how much beauty is all around me. It is because of you, I notice the intricate details of a stranger’s smile, the way the sun peeks from behind the clouds as it rises and a plethora of other common everyday things. Whenever we’re together, there’s a certain level of happiness that erupts within me. Together, we create magic.

You help me create beautiful images…stories that take on a certain greatness. You allow me to explore a world of light, color and shapes.

Photography, you give me the courage to express myself. When it’s me and you, there is no fear. No inhibitions. There is only joy. Peace. A certain level of euphoria that truly shines from within me.

We’ve come a long way since that Polaroid. Yet, from the top of Sydney Bridge to the depths of the Great Barrier Reef…From the noise of Atlanta to the quiet of Wichita, together, we’ve made some amazing memories and we still have miles to go before we sleep.

The feeling you give me is unexplainable. The sensation I feel because of you can’t be compared. Because of you, my heart has been strengthened and  the very depths of my soul have been warmed.

For all you’ve done for me…I thank you.

Happy Photography Day Love.

It is an honor to live life with you.


Sachel Samone